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GIN Carerra Plus

Gin’s Carrera Plus – EN B

GIN have upgraded their high-end EN B Carrera, to create the Carrera Plus which they say is more comfortable and easier to manage in active air. The upgrade comes in the form of a new riser set and a modified line-set, whose sheathed lines “allow the wing to be trimmed at the optimal angle of attack”. Owners of […]

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Rat Race terrain. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: US Team Selection Process + Boom 9

Andy Pag talks to Jeff Huey about how to get selected for the US Team and Brett Hazlett reveals what he thinks of his new GIN Boomerang 9

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The Boomerang 9 in Switzerland. Photo: Adrian Hachen

In issue 146: Boomerang 9, Delta 2, EN Bs

New season, new gliders. From the latest comp machine to the smoothest EN B, we’ve got them covered

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The Gin Yeti Tandem. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

In issue 145: Gin Yeti Tandem

Designed as a tandem glider but weighing the same as a solo paraglider, this wing takes the best of the lightweight revolution and applies it to the might of a tandem.

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Gin’s Rescue Deck Race for pilots who want to fly with two reserves

Gin have released a front-mounted rescue for a cocoon harness.

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Debu Choudhury in India this April

DHV report questions pod harnesses

Recreational paraglider pilots who don’t need top performance should ‘carefully consider’ whether they need to fly a pod harness, the DHV has said.

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The Gin Genie Lite: new cross country paraglider harness

Gin Genie Lite cross country paragliding harness

The Genie Lite is the new cross country paraglider harness from Gin Gliders, a replacement for the Genie 4.

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Gin's "true EN D" wing for 2012, the Boomerang X

Gin Paragliders’ EN D competitor: the Boomerang X

Gin’s “true EN D” Bomerang X is available for all, and proving itself at the PWC Superfinal in Mexico.

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Gin Fluid, expert speedriding wing for 2012

Gin’s 2012 season speed riding wings

Gin have upgraded their Nano and Fluid speedriding wings for the 2012 season

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Gin's Yeti 3 at La Grave. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

Gin’s Yeti 3: lightweight mountain paraglider

Gin’s Yeti lightweight mountain paraglider is now in its third incarnation, and better than ever, the company say.

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Petra Slivova has joined team Gin and will fly the Boomerang 8 this season

Women’s World Champion Petra Slivova joins Gin

Petra Slivova, double world champion and triple European champion, has joined team Gin.

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Gin's tandem pilot and passenger harnesses

Pilot & passenger tandem harnesses from Gin

Gin’s Safari harnesses are a pair of pilot and passenger harnesses for tandem paragliding.

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Gin Boomerang 8

Gin Boomerang 8 out now

Gin’s Boomerang 8 two-line competition paraglider is available now in five sizes.

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Gin's Safari tandem paraglider has now been certified EN B

Gin Safari tandem paraglider

Gin Gliders’ new tandem Safari has been certified EN / LTF B and is available in two sizes.

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Gin Yeti #50, lightweight rescue parachute for tandem paragliders

Extra-large lightweight Gin rescues

Gin have released lightweight rescue chutes in extra-large sizes for tandem paragliders and paramotors.

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