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Gin Bolero 6

Gin Bolero 6: entry-level paraglider

The Bolero 6 is Gin’s latest entry-level paraglider, suitable for schools and cross-country capable. It’s certified LTF/EN-A, and features Gin’s second-generation EPT (Equalised Pressure Technology) which they say improves take-off behaviour, stability and handling. It has long, progressive brake travel and a low stall speed. Gin say the Bolero 6 is: A solid foundation for […]

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Gin Explorer review

Review: The Gin Explorer, EN B

“The Explorer is a wing that left me with a grin on my face … I can see it appealing to more experienced pilots who still want dynamic, sharp handling in a safer wing.” Marcus King is all smiles after 15 hours in the air with GIN’s racy lightweight EN B. Find out more, subscribe, […]

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GIN Condor

GIN Condor: tandem PPG wing

GIN’s Condor is their “big lady”, a heavyweight tandem for professional and recreational tandem PPG pilots. It’s made for trikes, and offers an easy take-off and great performance, GIN say, with smooth inflation, good energy retention and a wide speed range allowing for a good margin of safety on take-offs and landings. It is fast and stable at high […]

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GIN Vantage 2

GIN Vantage 2: intermediate PPG wing

GIN’s new Vantage 2 is a wing for intermediate paramotor pilots, and is also certified for free-flying. The company say the Vantage 2 fulfills all the demands and needs of a performance paramotor wing, at trim speed and with trimmers open and on bar. It is well-balanced in pitch with good roll stability, yet is precise and co-ordinated in the turn, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable […]

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GIN spring 2017 products

GriffinD / Yeti Extrem2: new for spring

GIN’s Spring 2017 brochure unveils a new, extra robust version of their Griffin mountain wing, and an even lighter Yeti Xtrem² harness. The Griffind is made from Dominico 30D fabric, and it’s a bit heavier than the standard Griffin but offers excellent durability, GIN say. It’s for pilots tackling tougher terrain. Due to the different material, GIN […]

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GIN Explorer

News and New Products in XC176

GIN have announced that the lightweight Explorer is now in the final stages of the certification process. It’s a high-performance EN-B wing with an aspect ratio of 6.1, aimed at experienced cross-country pilots. This plus lots more latest news and new product news in Cross Country 176. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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GIN Sprint 3

GIN update “classic intermediate” Sprint 3

GIN’s Sprint 3 is their new “classic intermediate” paraglider, for leisure, club and cross-country pilots, designed to “hit the sweet spot” for the majority of pilots. It’s undemanding and comfortable to fly, yet sporty enough to be fun. And if you’re in the mood to eat up the XC kilometres, you’ll find plenty of performance under the gas […]

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GIN Genie Lite

Reviews: Genie Lite 2 and Ozone Forza

“It’s hard not to fall in love with the Genie Lite 2 at first sight” writes Hugh Miller. However, though both are billed as top-notch XC harnesses, there are crucial differences between Gin’s design, and Ozone’s new Forza. “On glide, the Forza is like floating on pillows, and in thermals, like driving an SUV with […]

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GIN Fluid 2

GIN Fluid 2 competition speedriding wing

GIN’s new Fluid 2 is a high performance wing for expert and competition speedriders and speedflyers. GIN say it is more versatile than ever before. Thanks to developments in the profile, line concept and internal construction, its glide ratio and take-off behaviour have been significantly improved. The wing retains the skiing heritage of the original, but is now […]

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GIN Gingo 3 paraglider harness

GIN Gingo 3 paraglider harness

The Gingo 3 is an no-pod paraglider harness aimed at leisure, sport and cross-country pilots. GIN say it’s designed to inspire confidence in the air, striking a balance between damping out turbulence and giving good pilot feedback, and there is a cross-bracing strap to adjust this balance. The Gingo 3 is easy to adjust, both on […]

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GIN Genie Lite 2

Gin Genie Lite 2 pod harness

The Genie Lite 2 is GIN’s new lightweight pod harness for cross-country pilots. It has a carbon-fibre seatboard for precise pilot feedback, and a removable pod. GIN say the Genie Lite 2 is both comfortable and aerodynamic, and it’s available in four sizes to tailor it to different pilot heights. It’s built from light yet robust materials, weighing 4.2kg in the […]

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GIN Falcon

GIN Falcon reflex PPG wing

GIN have released the Falcon, a “state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots”. They say it’s fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient, which makes it a good choice for competition flying, cross country, bivouac adventures or just weekend fun. It has a wide speed range and is fitted with a competition speed system with bar and trimmers. Pushing on […]

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GIN Yeti 4

GIN Yeti 4 : EN-A mountain paraglider

GIN’s new Yeti 4 is a lightweight, EN-A certified mountain paraglider, suitable for hike and fly and leisurely XCs. It’s designed for simplicity, say GIN. Having only three line levels makes it simple to sort out on the ground. They say it inflates easily and evenly, even when the terrain or conditions are less than ideal. Its low stall speed […]

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GIN Pegasus

GIN Pegasus beginner PPG wing

GIN launched their new paramotor range at the Paramotor Mondial in Blois, France, (19-21 June 2015), with the Pegasus beginner-intermediate wing. They say the new Pegasus combines safety, comfort and handling, and has “outstandingly easy” inflation and take-off and a low minimum speed. In the air, GIN say the Pegasus gives you the feedback you need to develop […]

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Cross Country 160

Cross Country 160: What’s in the latest issue

Learning is at the heart of what we do as pilots, and this issue we’re packed with articles, comment and insight that will help you get more out of your flying. In the core: First up, we ask four expert pilots how to thermal better – Gordon Rigg, Brad Gunnuscio, Armin Harich and Kelly Farina […]

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GIN Lite Tech jacket

FlyGIN Lite Tech jacket

FlyGIN have unveiled a new “fast and light” wind- and water-resistant jacket for flying and travelling adventures. The Lite Tech jacket has pit zips, an offset front zipper and a mesh lining for comfort, and Velcro cuffs and a balaclava style hood to keep inclement weather out. The shell material is 100% polyester, and it is available in […]

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Gingo Airlite

GIN Gingo Airlite harness

GIN have released a new lightweight airbag harness for beginner, leisure and cross-country pilots. At around 3.5kg, GIN say the Gingo Airlite is one of the lightest harnesses of its type. GIN say it’s a high quality and versatile airbag harness, which is light and compact and made from abrasion-resistant honeycomb ripstop fabric. The harness has an underseat reserve, and an […]

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GIN Carerra Plus

Gin’s Carrera Plus – EN B

GIN have upgraded their high-end EN B Carrera, to create the Carrera Plus which they say is more comfortable and easier to manage in active air. The upgrade comes in the form of a new riser set and a modified line-set, whose sheathed lines “allow the wing to be trimmed at the optimal angle of attack”. Owners of […]

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Rat Race terrain. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: US Team Selection Process + Boom 9

Andy Pag talks to Jeff Huey about how to get selected for the US Team and Brett Hazlett reveals what he thinks of his new GIN Boomerang 9

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The Boomerang 9 in Switzerland. Photo: Adrian Hachen

In issue 146: Boomerang 9, Delta 2, EN Bs

New season, new gliders. From the latest comp machine to the smoothest EN B, we’ve got them covered

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