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AltAir hang glider instrument pod mount

Hang glider Base-tube instrument mounts

AltAIR, who make the smartphone hang-glider pod featured in issue 180, now supply 3D-printed base-tube brackets to attach them to. The brackets can be made for various base tubes, and are supplied with stainless steel eye-bolts and pins. Now we have brackets for all range of Aeros speedbars (carbon, aluminium and round), WW (carbon and aluminium), […]

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Ollie Chitty rocks the USA

UK hang glider pilot Olly Chitty has been blogging his season in the States here. Brilliant viewing. Olly’s channel

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Avian: British HG company changes hands

After nearly 30 years running UK hang glider business Avian, Steve Elkins is passing the reins to fellow pilot and engineer, Tim Swait. Tim has long been an Avian fan: The first glider he flew was a Fly, and it was a Rio that took him through his schooling, his first XCs and competitions. Avian say of Tim: He’s […]

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El Penon Classic 2017

El Penon Classic Race 2017: ‘Sports class heaven’

Thirty-four hang glider pilots enjoyed classic conditions at the fifth El Penon Classic in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, over a week of competition from 19-25 February. An annual event in the hang gliding calendar, this year the competition was used as a selection event by Guatemala and Mexico for the FAI Hang Gliding World Championships […]

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Moyes Gecko Challenge

Moyes Gecko Challenge: 212km to beat

Moyes are reminding Gecko pilots that they have until 12 July 2017 to beat ‘Gecko Girl’ Niki Longshore’s 212km flight, and win the Gecko Challenge. The prize is a brand new Moyes custom harness of the pilot’s choice. Moyes say: Take lots of pics and jot down your story, we want to hear all about it. Your track […]

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Christian Ciech

World Champion Christian Ciech wins Iquique HG Open

World and European Hang Gliding Champion Christian Ciech won the Iquique Hang Gliding Open, which took place in Chile between 30 October and 4 November 2016.  Ciech won all but the first of the six tasks in the Open event, finishing ahead of Christian Cid (CL). There was a separate Sport Class too, which was won by Gerardo Rocha of […]

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Hang gliding and hand gliding

Hand Gliding: The Ultimate Movie (16mins, full edit)

Hand Glide from 80D on Vimeo. “Sometimes the wind will snap you round the wrong way … you have to be true to yourself, live YOUR dream and it’ll happen.” “Just me, my hand and the wind… you’re never more connected than when you’re with the wind. It’s freaking awesome.” This 16-minute full-ultimate edit has […]

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SVS Design hang glider calendar

Hang gliding photos wanted for calendar

SVS Designs are looking for great photographs of hang gliders for their annual calendar.  The deadline for submissions is 16 October 2016, and the calendar is expected to go on sale around the middle of November. All photographers whose photograph gets used in the calendar will be sent a free copy. Please email photos to Sander, and include […]

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Avian for sale

Avian: UK hang gliding business for Sale

  UK-based hang gliding company, Avian, is up for sale. Steve Elkins, Avian MD and designer, started the company over 25 years ago. He says: We are looking for a potential buyer with engineering know-how and a maybe a desire to do something totally different from their current job. Being able to design, test and fly your own […]

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Happy Birthday Otto Lilienthal

Looking back: The Gathering, 23 May 1971

“Below me the hill stretches away how far? A quarter of a mile? Could be. Pretty steep. Down there the thousand-tongued crowd stands around cars and chatters and buzzes and waits to see me break my fool neck.” Read anything about the early days of hang gliding and you come back to ‘The Gathering’, which […]

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Paris Williams wins Dalby Big Air 2016

Paris Williams won the 2016 Dalby Big Air hang gliding competition in Queensland, Australia. Fellow Moyes pilots Curt Warren and Len Paton took second and third spots, a 1-2-3 win for the ‘Moyes Boys’. The week-long competition took place from 9-16 April 2016 at Dalby, Queensland, and saw five tasks flown in “great conditions”, including a triangle back to […]

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Carl Wallbank

Carl Wallbank: 275km UK HG goal record

Carl Wallbank flew 275km to set a new UK hang gliding declared goal record on 23 April 2016. The flight has also been submitted to the FAI as European Declared Goal record. The flight, from Llangollen in North Wales to Weymouth on the south coast of England, took him 6 hours 12 minutes, and meant […]

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Airborne hinged batten

Safety notice: Airborne hinged battens

Airborne have released a safety notice relating to their hinged battens, following incidences of battens becoming unloaded during flight. There are several factors that can cause the hinged batten fittings to unload. Damage to the latch from incorrect unloading of the fitting. Over tension of the batten within the pocket. Operation outside the placarded limitation of the aircraft. […]

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Moyes Malibu advisory

Moyes Malibu advisory notice

Moyes have reported a wear issue on the bottom upright fitting wire of their hang gliders with round uprights. They have announced that it is now mandatory to replace the fitting when the opening exceeds 4.8mm or after 300 hours airtime. The wear has occurred on the slot where the ball swage fits into. Inspection: Whenever an […]

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HG Pre Europeans 2015

Elio Cataldi wins HG Pre-Europeans 2015, Macedonia

Italian Elio Cataldi won the Pre-European hang gliding championships which took place in Krushevo, Macedonia between 16 and 23 August 2015, flying a Moyes RX 4. The competition, which was for Class 1 and 5 hang gliders, also doubled as the Slovenian Nationals, and Franc Peternel was first-placed Slovenian on a Wills Wing T2C. In the Class 5 […]

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Carl Wallbank. Photo: Jamie Shelden

Hitting the Wall: Carl Wallbank on his 300km UK record

Carl Wallbank set a new UK hang gliding record in June – but is it enough to keep the paragliders at bay? He talks record days, international comps and hang gliding revival with Ed Ewing “The record is on my mind 24 hours a day,” says Carl Wallbank a couple of days after setting a […]

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Kathleen Rigg

Kathleen Rigg – two Women’s World HG records

Kathleen Rigg (GB) flew a 200km triangle on her Moyes RX3.5 from Hochfelln in the Bavarian Alps on 1 July 2015, earning her two women’s world records if the claims are ratified.  The flight details are currently with the FAI, who will verify whether the flight takes women’s world ‘distance over a triangular course’ and ‘speed over a triangular course’ records […]

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Finsterwalder Funfex

Finsterwalder Fex anniversary prize draw

Finsterwalder have been making Fex hang gliders for 30 years! To celebrate, anyone buying a brand new Funfex, Airfex, Perfex or Lightfex between January 2015 and 30 June 2016 will be entered into a draw for a chance to win 50% of the purchase price back. Although the first Funfex was sold 30 years ago, Finsterwalder say, They are undergoing a renaissance, and now […]

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Bleyne XC Classik 2015

Bleyne Cross Country Classik 2015

The Bleyne Cross Country Classik took place at the famous site in southern France from 10-12 May 2015. The aim was to bring together cross-country and competition hang glider pilots for a three-day cross-country extravaganza. Twenty pilots took part, including “most of the French Class 1 and 5 teams”, which was declared a rip-roaring success, with pilots getting lots […]

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Moyes Gecko

Moyes Gecko intermediate hang glider

Moyes’ new Gecko is an intermediate hang glider, fitting between the Malibu and the Litesport Class in their range. Moyes say the Gecko has great handling and performance, with good responsiveness to weight shift and short packing dimensions. The company say: The Gecko utilises a 50/52mm leading edge construction with 62mm crossbars – all in 7075 T6 […]

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