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Advance Bi Pi

Advance announce Pi Bi for autumn 2017

Advance have announced the lightweight Pi will be available in a tandem version – the Pi Bi – from Autumn 2017.  The Bi Pi will be 37m², and will take all-up weights from 100-180kg. The small-packing canopy will weigh just 4.9kg. Designed for hike-and-fly with friends and family Advance say the Pi Bi offers fun, […]

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Bornes to Fly 2017

Damien Lacaze wins Bornes to fly 2017

Damien Lacaze won the 2017 edition of Annecy’s hike-and-fly race, Bornes to Fly. The three-day 110km race took place from 3-5 June 2017, and was subject to the mixed weather conditions that have become the norm during its five-year history. It took a blend of flying prowess and leg-power to complete the circuit, which 28 athletes did. Damien crossed the […]

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Independence Tensing

Independence release “robust” single-skinner, the Tensing

  Independence showed off their new single-skinner, the Tensing, at the Kössen testival in Austria at the end of May 2017.   They describe it as a “sturdy” single-skinner for mountain use – ideal for climb-and-fly or hike-and-fly activities, but it can be thermally and soared too. It’s made from the robust Dominico D20 fabric, with sheathed lower lines […]

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Niviuk Skin 2

Niviuk release the single-surface Skin 2/Skin 2P

Niviuk have released the Skin 2, the second generation of their single-surface paraglider. It’s available in standard (Skin 2) and super-light (Skin 2P, ‘Plume’) versions, and both will be certified in three sizes, EN-B for the 18 and 20, and EN-C for the 16m² sizes. Niviuk say the Skin 2 /2P are more stable and more durable than the original […]

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Skyman String RS

Skyman String RS: 690g reversible harness

Designed to complement the single-skin Sir Edmund paraglider, Skyman have made their ultra-light String harness in a reversible version.  The String RS has an inbuilt a 32 litre rucksack which Skyman say is comfortable to carry and can take an entire ultra-light kit. It weighs just 690g, including Austria Alpin Rocket karabiners (supplied), and is LTF/EN […]

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GIN spring 2017 products

GriffinD / Yeti Extrem2: new for spring

GIN’s Spring 2017 brochure unveils a new, extra robust version of their Griffin mountain wing, and an even lighter Yeti Xtrem² harness. The Griffind is made from Dominico 30D fabric, and it’s a bit heavier than the standard Griffin but offers excellent durability, GIN say. It’s for pilots tackling tougher terrain. Due to the different material, GIN […]

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Little Cloud Gyps

Little Cloud release XC/hike-and-fly Gyps

Little Cloud are releasing their new “high-performance fun wing”, the Gyps, in April 2017. Its for cross-country pilots, and light enough to hike-and-fly. Little Cloud say the Gyps, which is the Latin word for vulture, is pretty accessible and has fun handling, but it has an aspect ratio of 6.95 and is for it’s for experienced pilots. […]

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Swing Apus RS

Swing Apus RS mini-wing certified

Swing have announced that their latest mini-wing, the Apus RS, is certified in standard and ‘hike’ (lighter) versions. A versatile wing, Swing say the Apus RS’s uses range from strong-wind soaring to dynamic flying through to hike-and-fly adventures, its behaviour and certification changing with wing loading. Because it’s small and light, it also makes an ideal travel companion. […]

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Niviuk Klimber P

Niviuk release Klimber P – lightweight EN D

Niviuk have officially released the Klimber P, the wing Gavin McClurg used for the Alaska traverse in May 2016.  It’s the company’s first lightweight, high-performance EN-D wing, and they say it’s aimed at expert pilots wanting top performance in a lightweight package for hike-and-fly and vol-bivouac adventures. The Klimber P has an aspect ratio of 7 and a top speed […]

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Vercofly 2016

Vercofly 2016: hut-to-hut in Switzerland

The 2016 Vercofly, the hike-and-fly competition in the Valais where pilots have to tag as many huts as possible, was a resounding success. This high-level competion involves mountain flying over glaciated terrain, but while technically advanced it’s logistically easy, since pilots eat and sleep in a mountain hut and no supporters are necessary. 2016’s was the eighth edition, with Chrigel Maurer (who […]

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X-Pyr 2016

X-Pyr 2016: Zlatko Koren reports

Zlatko Koren reports on the 2016 X-Pyr hike-and-fly race, 477 km coast-to-coast through the Pyrenees from the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean. The race started on 17 July 2016, and was won by Chrigel Maurer in 3 days and 15 minutes. Zlatko finished in eighth place, having covered an impressive 256.5km. It was a danm good race […]

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Paraglide Kilimanjaro 2016

Hike-and-fly from Kilimanjaro in October 2016

Paraglide Kilimanjaro are offering a US$1,000 reduction for their October 2016 expedition to hike and paraglide from 5,895m Uhuru Peak. Not to be confused with the much larger ‘Wings of Kilimanjaro’ trips (remember the planned 100-pilot fly-down?), Paraglide Kilimanjaro run low-impact expeditions with much smaller groups of pilots, led by professional mountain and paragliding guides. The paragliding guide will advise on weather […]

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Neo String harness

Neo update String paraglider harness

Neo have updated their ultralight String paragliding and speed flying harness, making it even lighter and more durable, and improving the leg straps.  It’s made from lightweight Dyneema fabric, with Koroyd /3D mesh technology behind the strong and supple leg pads. Despite its minimalist looks, comfort was a design priority, and Neo say the String is comfortable enough […]

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Skywalk Tonka 2

Skywalk expand their miniwing range with the Tonka2 S

  Skywalk have brought out a larger version of their Tonka2, their specialist wing for para-alpinists and mountain runners. The new S size has a flat area of 17.5m² (14.76m² projected), which is approximately 3m² bigger than the original. It’s certified EN C, where the original was EN D, and has a wider weight range and slightly less dynamic characteristics. […]

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Pascal Purin record

Pascal Purin: 9,540m hike-and-fly in one day!

Pascal Purin, who is in training for the 2017 Red Bull X-Alps, had a mammoth hike-and-fly day on 18 June 2016, hiking up 9,540m and flying down again with his AirDesign UFO. This is believed to be a hike-and-fly height gain record, though it is not administered by either the FAi or Guinness. It was previously held by […]

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Something missing? Advance release Strapless harness

Advance have taken lightweight harness design a step further, and removed the shoulder straps. The result is the 190g Strapless harness. Designed for mountaineers, and to be used in combination with a rucksack, at first glance the Strapless is little more than a cloth back and some string. On closer inspection it has leg pads for comfort and […]

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Chrigel Maurer Bornes to Fly 2016

Chrigel Maurer wins Bornes to Fly 2016

Chrigel Maurer won the 2016 edition of the Bornes to Fly hike-and-fly race, finishing the 105km course in under 24 hours. Maxime Pinot was second in goal, just 40 minutes later, and Benoit Outters took the final podium spot, the third of eight pilots to reach goal on the second day. Forty-five teams were registered for the 2016 […]

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Kortel Kross

Kortel’s first paraglider: the Kross

French Alps-based harness manufacturer Kortel have broken into the paraglider market with a new high performance lightweight vol-bivouac competition wing called the Kross. It was designed for vol-bivouac and hike-and-fly competitions, with “solidity and simplicity” as the design keywords, a not-outrageous aspect ratio of 6.4 and CCC or EN C certification, depending on size. “It’s the ideal […]

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Ondrej Prochazka

CouchAlps: Couchsurfing and paragliding across the alps

On 7 May 2016, Ondrej Prochazka set out on a 2,000km hike-and-fly of the Alps. Travelling light, he has left the sleeping bag and tent at home, but won’t be sweating inside his wing every night. Ondrej will be Couchsurfing. Ondrej intends to follow his planned route, which is a triangle starting and finishing near […]

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Ozone LiteSpeed

Ozone LiteSpeed miniwing

  Ozone’s LiteSpeed is a versatile lightweight miniwing, bridging the gap between lightweight paragliders and speedriding wings. You’ll find it in the speedriding section of Ozone’s website, though they summarise it as a miniwing for use in a wide range of conditions, from hike-and-fly to soaring. It is intended for intermediate pilots upwards, its speed and dynamicism increasing with wing […]

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