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Understanding wave and flying

Honza Rejmanek: Understanding lenticular clouds and wave

“Doubling the wind speed can quadruple the strength and viciousness of the turbulence.” All pilots need to keep an eye on the dangers of strengthening wind, says meteorologist Honza Rejmanek, so let the skies be your guide. Lesson one: watch out for those lenticulars. Find out more, subscribe, and never miss an issue

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The windy website

Making the most of weather site

“It’s truly a great gift to all who rely on the weather for their fun.” Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek reveals how we can all become expert weather forecasters – with a little help from See what else is in Cross Country 184.

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Thermometer and iced water

Meteorology: How to predict cloudbase

You can predict cloudbase with a glass of ice and a thermometer. In Cross Country 182 resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek explains how. See what else is in the issue

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Clouds dropping out rain

When good glass-off goes bad…

“It is important to be vigilant of the height of the cloud tops … Needless to say, fighting to get down in the vicinity of a towering cloud at sunset is worrisome at best.” Cross Country’s weatherman Honza Rejmanek reveals how to stay safe when that late afternoon soaring session blows up into something a […]

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Weather: Understanding Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds

“There is a particular type of cloud that offers insight into what turbulence might look like.” Our in-house weatherman Honza Rejmanek introduces the billow cloud, or Kelvin-Helmholtz, and explains what it can teach pilots about the often invisible perils of turbulence. See what else is in Issue 178

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Thunderstorm in Quixada

Meteorology: Surviving 13m/s cloudsuck in Brazil

What would you do if you were screaming skywards at 13m/s? Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek explains just what’s going on in big one cloud in Brazil. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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The Miso Soup Connection to Thermalling Better

Honza Rejmanek explains why gazing into your next bowl of miso soup could make you a better pilot… The question of where the next thermal will be is as old as soaring itself. Over the years, much has been written on how thermals form and behave. Much of what is known is based on anecdotal […]

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Skew T diagram for Chile

Understanding the weather in coastal Chile

“What if someone told you that you could free-fly 200km without ever getting higher than 1,200m ASL?” You just need to head to coastal Chile – and understand the conditions, says our resident meterologist Honza Rejmanek. See what’s in the issue

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Honza Rejmanek

Honza Rejmanek: Plotting the perfect day

Meteorologist Honza Rejmanek talks isotherms, dry adiabats, pressure level lines and wind barbs to explain how you can plot a perfect day. See what’s in Cross County 173, September 2016

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Miso Soup thermalling theory

Honza Rejmanek: The Miso Soup Connection

“Sometimes on final approach it’s possible to find yourself gliding along a really buoyant line low down. The irony is that sometimes strong lift low down can be the result of two descending batches of sinking air hitting the ground and colliding,” writes meteorologist Honza Rejmanek. “This collision boundary is a convergence curtain”. Honza explains […]

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Weather in Owens Valley

Honza Rejmanek: Flying and Valley Winds

“Valley winds are always strongest at lower levels. Higher up the mountainsides, the valley winds tend to be very light. “On launch, the lulls between thermals can be very pronounced. Despite having nice thermal cycles, lower down the thermals might already be getting badly shredded by the strengthening valley wind.” Honza Rejmanek gets into the […]

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Honza’s Weather: Windflow around big mountains

“The upwind stagnation zone is due to a ram-air effect. There is a localised area of high pressure that slows the wind on the upwind side…” In Cross Country 169, May 2016, Honza Rejmanek explains the micro-met you need to know to make accurate wind assessment. See what’s in Issue 169

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Cross Country 169 May 2016

Cross Country 169: May 2016

Cross Country 169, May 2016 is out now. Here’s what’s in the issue – from delving deep into the successful pilot’s mindset to journeying to the very fringes of our sport…. The Head Game: “Always fly your own flight. For sure, be aware of the others, where they are and what they’re up to, but […]

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The Big Sled Ride: By Honza Rejmanek

“There’s something magical about hiking up a big mountain and flying off the summit,” writes Honza Rejmanek. “But first you have to work out your chances of getting off the top…” Honza details the logical steps in forecasting to guarantee success. To read ‘The Big Sled Ride’, check out issue 168

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Meteorology: Understanding Microbursts by Honza Rejmanek

Meteorologist Honza Rejmanek has been a paraglider pilot since 1993. He has competed in four Red Bull X-Alps, and came third in 2009. He lives in California. In his Meteorology column in issue 163 he wrote about microbursts. In most cases you are likely to receive strange looks if you publicly express a fear of […]

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Meteorology: What is cold air advection?

In Cross Country 156 (Nov/Dec 2014) Honza Rejmanek answers the question, ‘What is cold air advection?’ As a recreational soaring pilot you probably do not have the luxury of flying any day you fancy. Life has a way of loading on countless obligations and responsibilities. What is quite frustrating is that someone is always trying […]

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Honza Rejmanek and son during the 2013 Red Bull X-Alps

It’s an El Nino year – What’s going to happen Dad?

It’s an El Nino year, so what does that mean for free flight sites around the world? Hotter in Brazil or wetter? Dryer in Australia or windier? Where’s the best place to go to take advantage of the upside – and where to avoid to stay away from the down? Honza Rejmanek is Cross Country’s meteorologist […]

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Honza Rejmanek hits the beach

Honza Rejmanek: ‘Let’s go to the beach this year’

  You want to go flying but your significant other wants a ‘normal’ holiday this year – like the beach. What to do? Meteorologist and Red Bull X-Alps pilot Honza Rejmanek has the answer. Pick an island where there is also good flying! In his latest Meteorology column he explains exactly how to do that. Perhaps […]

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Honza Rejmanek. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Honza’s Weather: Understanding tongues and ramps of wind

‘Wind does not establish itself in complex terrain in a nice even manner. Here it is helpful to apply metaphors such as tongues and ramps’

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Nate Scales pushes U.S. mountain record to 319km

Nate Scales flew 319km in a straight line in Sun Valley, Idaho on 31 July to set a new US mountain distance record.

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