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Ozone Delta 3 review

Ozone Delta 3 (EN C) review

“Take a Delta 3 barrelling along an Alpine ridge or a flatland cloud street on a sporty day and you’ll likely find yourself keeping up with several D-Class wings.” Ozone’s much-anticipated EN-C Delta 3 may lack the playfulness of some of its competitors, finds Hugh Miller, but its solidity and stability on bar make its […]

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Review: Ozone’s Zeno, two-liner, EN D

“It’s an exquisite, energetic wing, set to wipe the smirks off every CCC pilot on the planet. World Cup performance with acceptable behaviour is finally here.” There are already 700 Zenos on their way to cloudbase and beyond – but how do you know when you’re ready to take the step up to Ozone’s iconic […]

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Stewart’s Story: Living life after injury

“How can you ever think you have the strength to get through a life-limiting injury? I guess it’s the ultimate competition task.” When Stewart Midwinter suffered a horrific paragliding accident, he didn’t believe that he’d have the strength to go on. He tells Hugh Miller how he found a way. See what else is in […]

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Ozone Zeno (EN D) review: Flying XC, full stalls and SIV

As part of our review of the Zeno for an upcoming issue of Cross Country Magazine, we went to Monaco and scared ourselves. The Zeno was actually OK… no dramas. The tips stall much earlier than the centre, and care needs to be taken to ensure a symmetric recovery. We found that as you let […]

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Airspeed of an EN B paraglider

How Fast Does it Go? Testing Paraglider Speeds

Measuring the performance characteristics of a paraglider has always been notoriously difficult. But new tools are allowing pilots and manufacturers to do just that. Cross Country’s Hugh Miller reports on speed tests he’s been carrying out for the last year When Flymaster’s new True Air Speed (TAS) probe was released a couple of years ago […]

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Cross Country 155

Cross Country 155: New issue, Sept/October 2014

Cross Country 155 is out now, and it’s packed. On the cover is a great shot by Ant Green of Bruce Goldsmith paragliding in Iceland. They were in the country for a week over summer, chasing the weather between the clouds – great photos and great times. Another person who had a great time this season […]

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Luke Nicol, hang glider pilot

Class War 2014: UK HGs and PGs go head-to-head

UK’s hang glider and paraglider pilots hug out their differences in the first known hang gliding Vs paragliding team competition, held 23-24 August (with two days’ notice!). Hugh Miller reports The banter and friendly rivalry had been building all summer. “Guys just look how many 100k flights the paragliders are doing, get out there and […]

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Mark Watts. Photo: Marcus King

Podcast: Mark Watts on flying 275km for the UK PG record


Podcast: Play in new window | Download (5.8MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOn 3 August 2014 Mark Watts broke the UK paragliding and hang gliding distance records, flying 275.5 km from Milk Hill, to Cromer, Norfolk. This podcast interview (click Play above) by Hugh Miller, one of Mark’s flying friends, was done in […]

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Come with us on a magic carpet ride

‘Paragliders make it possible’ – A Magic Carpet Ride

The wonder of free flight never wears off. Goals might change, distances might increase, and our horizons expand, but the magic of taking off from a hillside and flying cross country remains the same. In Cross Country issue 154 Hugh Miller touches down after a 200km flight across the English countryside and puts pen to […]

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Flying is not a racing sport

‘Paragliding Is Not A Racing Sport’

Just when you thought you’d read every opinion imaginable on the subject of paragliding competitions… here’s another. By Hugh Miller   Flying into the glinting last rays of the sun, buzzing from the views and sensations of the last few hours, and excited about the ongoing adventure to be had wherever I land: this is […]

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Mark Watts in Quixada Brazil 2013

XCeara 2013: Mark Watts and Eduardo Fernandes clock-up 1,100km+ to win

Mark Watts and Eduardo Fernandes win Quixada’s open-distance event, reports Hugh Miller “Chico – you’re a genius!” wrote Peter Harvey back in 1996, having just returned from one of Chico Santos’s events, the Race and Rally. The organiser has a reputation for delivering competitions with a twist, and the XCeara is no exception. Now in […]

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The Ozone Delta 2 on test

In issue 147: Ozone Delta 2 review

The Ozone Delta 2 is out there in the wild, and has been seen completing some incredible flights. We review it in the latest issue of Cross Country magazine

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Highs and Lows: Thermals On – the first day of the UK XC season

Hugh Miller grabs the best-looking day of the month and goes on a mission through the English flatlands

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Have glider will travel... a week long road trip through England's rolling hills. Photo: Jerome Maupoint

In issue 145: The Magic Hills

Sometimes, the UK delivers exactly what you need. Hugh Miller (words) and Jérôme Maupoint (pictures) head north

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