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Syride Sys'Nav V3

Syride Sys’Nav V3 flight instrument

Syride have released a new version of their top-of-the-range flight instrument. The Sys’Nav V3 is their competition and cross-country model, and it now has a much longer battery life and, thanks to an internal SD card, worldwide topography and airspace. The alti-alti vario has a GPS and an inbuilt G-meter and is competition compatible. The battery will now […]

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Naviter Oudie 3

Naviter Oudie 3 + flight instrument released

Naviter have upgraded the Oudie 3 paragliding instrument, and the new Oudie 3 + is now available. The upgrade includes: A new screen with significantly improved visibility when viewed from an angle A charging light Improved battery chemistry for better low temperature endurance An optional leg strap and jacket for easy mounting (when no cockpit is available) Naviter is offering an upgrade path […]

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Flytec Connect 1 vario

Flytec Connect 1 test pilot selection

Flytec have reported that over 100 applications responded to their call for test pilots for their new Connect 1 ‘smartvario,’ in the first 24 hours of them having posted it.  Applications are being received until 6 April 2015. Flytec say the first units will be ready by the end of March 2015, of which the first 100 will be sold to the […]

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The CamOne Infinity camera

‘Smaller than the GoPro’ new mini camera

The CamOne Infinity camera is a super wide-angle camera in a mini package.

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The Flyte Park Minivario ... very, very small

Flyte Park Minivario in XCshop

XCshop is now stocking the Flyte Park Microvario. It’s possible the smallest vario you’ve ever seen and weighs in at only 25g.

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Flymaster F1 live tracking device

Flymaster F1-Live GPS tracker

Flymaster Avionics, have released a GSM-enabled GPS tracker, the F1-Live, specifically for pilots.

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The Beeper, a new solar-powered vario from Compass

Solar-powered vario from Compass

The Beeper is Compass’ new solar-powered, audio-only, sound-customisable vario.

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Screen shots from the Apple iVariometer app on an iPhone

iVariometer app for iPhone and iPad reviewed on Youtube

A vario / GPS app for iPhones and iPads, the iVariometer, has been reviewed on Youtube and given the thumbs-up.

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Version 2.0 is available now for the LK8000 flight computer

Upgrade for LK8000 flight computer

Version 2.0 is now available for the LK8000 flight computer.

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Brauniger IQ Basic GPS/vario flight instrument

Upgrade for Brauniger’s IQ5 Basic/GPS flight instrument

Bräuniger have released a firmware upgrade, version 1.3.02, for their IQ-Basic/GPS flight instrument.

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TAV-1000 alti-vario from Tirante A

Tirante A – Adventure Instruments from Brazil have just released their first altimeter-vario unit, the TAV-1000.

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PC software for the Skytraxx Control vario/GPS

Skytraxx Control software for PCs communicates with your Skytraxx’ GPS-vario to display your flights and to up- and download airspace and waypoint information.

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