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Little Cloud Grasshopper

Little Cloud Grasshopper

Top marks to Little Cloud for producing this bright little gem of a harness When I opened the box my first impression was ‘it’s green, it’s very, very green!’ Open it up and it’s bright pink on the inside, just like you’ve cut it open. The guys at Little Cloud certainly have a sense of […]

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Little Cloud Grasshopper harness

Little Cloud’s Grasshopper pod harness

Mini wing specialists Little Cloud have unveiled a new pod harness. The Grasshopper uses a no-buckle strap-in system that reduces the risk of taking off without being correctly secured. The front-mounted reserve container, which closes with 6 pins to reduce the risk of unintentional deployment, is mounted on the harness waist belt. This waist belt is directly […]

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Little Cloud Goose

Little Cloud Goose: Miniwing review

  The first thing you notice unravelling the Goose is it is very, very stubby. Like, mid-90s beginner glider kind of stubby – but with a rather wickedly thin profile. An aspect ratio of 4.7 may not seem that mild, but combined with its huge cell openings it resembles more of a kite than a […]

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How to fly miniwings

  We interview Little Cloud miniwing designer Tom Bordeau in Cross Country issue 152 (March / April 2014) to find out about the micro-sized revolution that’s happened in wing design. He talks us through the differences between a miniwing, a speed wing and a mini paraglider, and explains how a regular paraglider pilot should approach […]

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Win a paraglider in the Cross Country prize draw

Subscribe and win a paraglider: Cross Country prize draw 2013

The 2013 Cross Country Magazine Subscribers’ Prize Draw is now open. As in previous years, the winning subscriber will get to choose a brand new solo paraglider from either Aircross, BGD, Gin, Gradient, Little Cloud, Nova, Ozone, Sky or Swing. Plus we have some great runner up prizes including varios from Flytec and Flymaster, a harness from […]

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Gradient's Aspen 4, in Argentina. Photo: Felix Wolk

In issue 141: “It’s got no lines!” The Gradient Aspen 4, EN C

Hugh Miller gets his mitts on Gradient’s latest, sharpest tool in the box. Plus Little Cloud’s Kangoo and vol-biv paragliding harnesses get the once-over.

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Little Cloud are releasing an updated version of their mini paraglider, the Spiruline, for 2012

Little Cloud release the Spiruline mark 2

Little Cloud’s popular mini paraglider, the Spiruline, has been revamped for 2012

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Little Cloud's new mountain paraglider, the Kagoo

Little Cloud’s mountain wing, the Kagoo

Mini-wing specialists, Little Cloud, have unveiled a new mountain paraglider, the Kagoo.

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Little Cloud's new mini wing, the Ginseng

Little Cloud’s new mini wing

French mini paraglider specialists Little Cloud are bringing out a new wing, the Ginseng, for experienced mini wing flyers.

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Mont Blanc Calling: Preparing to climb and paraglide from the big white one

Some of the Cross Country team are planning a post-St Hilaire treat: to climb Mont Blanc, the biggest mountain in Western Europe (4,810m), and fly off it. Charlie King is preparing for the off.

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The Bidule: Little Cloud’s mini tandem paraglider

Little Cloud have released their mini tandem paraglider, the Bidule, for people who want to “share the joy of a mini wing!”

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