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Himalayan traverse

Two X-Alps Pilots Take On the Himalaya

Stefan Bocks and Sebastian Huber have set off on a 1,700km vol-biv from Leh in India to Pokhara, Nepal. Starting on the north side of the Himalaya they will cross through the highest mountain range on Earth passing near the famous Rohtang Pass and Manali. The pair will then traverse the range through the remote […]

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Cody Tuttle paragliding in front of Machapuchare, Nepal

Karma Flight: Cody Tuttle in Nepal

“Sitting in my tent at 6,000m, all I could think about was flying. I think its distraction actually helped me sleep at night as avalanches ripped past our tent.” We all have that moment when free flight enters the realm of the sublime. For Cody Tuttle, it happened above the pristine peaks of Nepal – […]

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Ueli Steck paragliding

Ueli Steck dies in fall in Everest region

Ueli Steck, the pioneering mountaineer and paraglider pilot, has died in a climbing accident in the Everest region of Nepal. Steck, 40, died after falling while climbing on Nuptse (7,861m), according to reports. He was in the area acclimatising ahead of a bid to complete a traverse of Lhotse (8,516m) and Everest (8,848m). Kamal Prasad […]

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Paragliding Machapuchare

Cover story: Tandem paragliding over sacred Machapuchare

“The first thermals were weak … but we had to try. We scraped, scratched and battled, and found a thermal that took us up 100m. Slowly we worked it.” Machapuchare, towering over Pokhara, is one of the Himalayas’ holy mountains. But would four brave tandem pilots succeed in their ambitious quest to fly over its […]

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GoPro for a cause: the Nepal Earthquake

In the spring of 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal killed 8,000 people and injured 21,000 more. Entire communities literally crumbled—and the free flight pilots of the Cloudbase Foundation, already working in Nepal, realised they were in a unique position to help. They loaded up their vehicles and headed directly to the epicentre […]

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Paragliding in Mustang

Hidden Kingdom: Exploring Mustang by air

“We woke at 5.30am. About 30 minutes later our group set off: four flying Swiss, two flying Nepalis and six porters. Our hike took us through the barren, treeless, bizarrely eroded landscape up to a ridge at 3,520 metres. “Here we laid out our gliders, watching for sharp stones that were a danger to the […]

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Cross Country 169 May 2016

Cross Country 169: May 2016

Cross Country 169, May 2016 is out now. Here’s what’s in the issue – from delving deep into the successful pilot’s mindset to journeying to the very fringes of our sport…. The Head Game: “Always fly your own flight. For sure, be aware of the others, where they are and what they’re up to, but […]

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Pilots in Nepal load aid for local villages hit by the Nepal earthquake. Photo: Karma Flights

Karmaflights in Nepal – Donate now

Donate to the Karma Flights Earthquake Relief Fund Paraglider pilots in Nepal are appealing for donations to help victims of the earthquake that hit the country on 25 April. Isabella Messenger, a tandem pilot who lives in Pokhara, is coordinating a local relief effort that is helping victims in remote villages close to the famous […]

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Herve Burdet paraglides over Machapuchare in Nepal

French paraglider pilot Herve Burdet flew over the summit of Machapuchare in Nepal on Monday 24 November 2014. Second to Everest the mountain is the most iconic in Nepal, its 6,993m ‘fishtail’ summit the background to the view of the Himalayas from the lakeside town of Pokhara. Considered sacred by the Nepalese the mountain has […]

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Andy Pag in Nepal

‘Never again’ – Andy Pag on a bad season in Nepal

  When Andy Pag met up with Cross Country in March he was still wearing his duvet jacket from Pokhara to ward off the chill of an early spring wind in England. The dust on it stood out against the clean blacks and greys of the city folk milling around. Sitting down over hot coffee […]

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Neal Michaelis

Video: A Higher Calling – a trans Nepal paragliding journey

Our recent post about the trans-Nepal 1999 paragliding classic Kingdom of the Clouds prompted a response this week from Neal Michaelis, a US pilot who was out in Nepal paragliding at the same time. He and his team also made a film about it. Neal wrote: Saw your post on Rob and Bob’s 1999 Nepal […]

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The candlelit memorial service for Premek in Nepal. Photo: Stan Radzikowski / Facebook

Trans-Nepal Expedition Ends in Tragedy

Andy Pag reports from Nepal   Premek Hulek, one of the three pilots flying on a Trans-Nepal vol-biv expedition, met with a fatal accident on the 13 March 2014. His death has sent shockwaves through the tight-knit paragliding community in Pokhara, where Hulek was a well loved and respected professional tandem pilot. No one knows […]

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Kingdom of the Clouds

Video: Extreme Lives: Kingdom of the Clouds

  Follow Rob Whittall and Bob Drury as they traverse western Nepal by paraglider. A classic, defining paragliding film from 1999, recently uploaded to Vimeo. • Got news? Send it to us at Buy and sell gear on Home

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Mitch Riley paraglides in Nepal

Three pilots start 20 day Vol-Biv across Nepal

  A trio of pilots have embarked on a 20 day vol-biv flight across Nepal. Mitch Riley, Brian Thibeault, and Premek Hulek hopped a 30 hour bus ride from Pokhara to Patan in the far west of the country earlier this week, and will spend the next three weeks flying with the prevailing winds eastwards […]

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The stunning fishtail of Machaphuchare (6,993 m) dominates flying in Pokhara. Photo: Peter Wolf

Guide to Pokhara, Nepal

Pokhara is a must on any serious pilot’s world tour – fly warm winter thermals against the backdrop of the snow-clad Himalaya

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YoungMin Ham, 1970-2013

South Korean pilot YoungMin Ham died in a paragliding accident in Pokhara on Saturday 7 December. He was 43. YoungMin was flying acro when the accident happened. Witnesses report that after getting into trouble his reserve did not deploy properly and he drifted away from the lake and impacted with the ground. Police said the […]

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A cancelled Nepali tourist visa

Nepal deports foreign tandem paraglider pilots in clampdown in Pokhara

Andy Pag reports from Pokhara on a visa crisis for foreign tandem pilots in Nepal International tandem pilots working under tourist visas in Pokhara, Nepal are facing deportation for working illegally. At least six pilots have already been deported, while an estimated 30 other tandem pilots have been required to submit their passports to the […]

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60 years of Everest: Paragliding and hang gliding on the world’s highest peak

As the world celebrates the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest, Cross Country magazine editor Ed Ewing takes a look at the history of free flight on the highest mountain in the world.

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Squash Falconer on Mount Everest

Video: Squash Falconer’s Everest paraglide attempt

‘One out of two isn’t bad.’ A 14-minute film of trying to paraglide on top of the world

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Babu Sunuwar on the summit of Everest at 8.50am 21 May 2011, shortly before his flight from the summit. Photo: Babu Sunuwar/Lakpa Tshering Sherpa

Babu Sunuwar flies off Everest

Tandem pair fly 20km XC from 8848m summit

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