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Paragliding Machapuchare

Cover story: Tandem paragliding over sacred Machapuchare

“The first thermals were weak … but we had to try. We scraped, scratched and battled, and found a thermal that took us up 100m. Slowly we worked it.” Machapuchare, towering over Pokhara, is one of the Himalayas’ holy mountains. But would four brave tandem pilots succeed in their ambitious quest to fly over its […]

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Niviuk Skin 2

Niviuk release the single-surface Skin 2/Skin 2P

Niviuk have released the Skin 2, the second generation of their single-surface paraglider. It’s available in standard (Skin 2) and super-light (Skin 2P, ‘Plume’) versions, and both will be certified in three sizes, EN-B for the 18 and 20, and EN-C for the 16m² sizes. Niviuk say the Skin 2 /2P are more stable and more durable than the original […]

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Niviuk Bi Skin review

Review: Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P

“When a friend asked what I thought of the wing, my answer was, ‘It feels really normal.’ And that’s a good thing in my book. The wow factor is the weight and the amazing packing size – and it flies very much like a normal tandem.” Marcus King test flies Niviuk’s new ultralight single-surface tandem: […]

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Niviuk Klimber P

Niviuk release Klimber P – lightweight EN D

Niviuk have officially released the Klimber P, the wing Gavin McClurg used for the Alaska traverse in May 2016.  It’s the company’s first lightweight, high-performance EN-D wing, and they say it’s aimed at expert pilots wanting top performance in a lightweight package for hike-and-fly and vol-bivouac adventures. The Klimber P has an aspect ratio of 7 and a top speed […]

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Niviuk Roller

Niviuk introduce the Roller, speedflying wing

Niviuk have added an EN-certified speedflying wing, the Roller, to their range. They say it’s a fast and versatile wing that can perform infinite turns, barrel rolls, swoops and carving, and fly in winds up to 70km/h.  French Niviuk team pilot Julien Meyer says: Using the trimmers during a nil-wind take-off, at first I was surprised at the acceleration […]

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Niviuk Bi Skin 2P

Niviuk’s tandem single-skinner: Bi Skin 2P

On 3 November 2016 Niviuk released the Bi Skin 2P – a single-surface tandem wing that weighs just 3.3kg and is EN-B certified. The 31m² wing is certified for loads of up to to 190kg, and Niviuk say it is confidence-inspiring and surprisingly agile to fly. It launches easily with a short take-off run and in very […]

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Niviuk R-Bus

Niviuk R-Bus tandem paramotor wing

Niviuk have released their first tandem paramotor wing, the R-Bus. Designed for use with trikes it can carry loads up to 500 kilograms. They say it is a very tough, stable and durable glider that offers short, quick and simple take-offs and comfortable and safe landings for both pilot and passenger. A solid but agile wing, they […]

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Niviuk Hook 4 P

Niviuk Hook 4 P certified EN B

The lightweight version of Niviuk’s progression wing, the Hook 4 P is certified EN B and ready to fly. Its canopy weight is up to 1.4kg less than the original, and Niviuk say the Hook 4 P is a versatile and comfortable intermediate glider, ideal for hike-and-fly or vol-bivouac adventures. They say it is more intuitive, with […]

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Niviuk Dobermann 2

Dobermann 2: Niviuk’s competition / slalom PPG wing

Niviuk have upgraded their competition and slalom PPG wing. They say the Dobermann 2 represents speed, efficiency and security. It’s faster, steadier and better in turns than its predecessor with an excellent glide and a turning speed of up to 60km/h for fast navigation of pylons. Niviuk say it has fast acceleration and a top speed of […]

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Niviuk Ikuma P

Niviuk unveil lightweight Ikuma P

Niviuk have released a lightweight version of the high-end EN B Ikuma, for “back-country adventures off the beaten track”. It’s available in four sizes, for all-up weights from 55-115kg, and weighs around 1.4kg less than the standard Ikuma, with wing weights from 3.3kg to 3.9kg. The wing is made from 27g Porcher Skytex with Dyneema risers. […]

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Niviuk N-Gravity 4

Niviuk release N-Gravity 4 acro wing

Niviuk have launched their latest acro wing, the N-Gravity 4, and they say it’s a dynamic, precise and highly manoeuvrable acro glider.  The company have made various improvements to this, their fourth-generation acro wing, such as the addition of leading edge air intake valves, which they say better distribute the wing’s inner pressure and make vertical descent […]

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Niviuk Peak 4 (EN D) review

“Many pilots are searching for that elusive sweet-spot between a typical three-liner and a competition two-line CCC glider. “The Peak 4 could well be your answer,” writes Pat Dower, who finds Niviuk’s latest D a delight, and a totally different kind of wing from the Peak 3, which Cross Country’s review team was not wild […]

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Niviuk Koyot 3

Niviuk Koyot 3 – EN-A Progression paraglider

Niviuk call their new Koyot 3 a ‘progression’ wing. It’s certified EN A, easy to handle and intuitive to fly, but with XC performance potential, they say. Explore the skies at your own pace. It is the ideal partner for taking the first steps and enjoy cross country flights among many adventures you may already […]

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Niviuk Ikuma

Niviuk Ikuma (EN B) on review

“It has been suggested that the Ikuma doesn’t have very good climbing ability. I couldn’t disagree more. After flying the wing for over ten hours in the thermals of the south of France I found it a delight. “Flying the wing smack bang in the middle of the weight range I had no problem keeping […]

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Cross Country 169 May 2016

Cross Country 169: May 2016

Cross Country 169, May 2016 is out now. Here’s what’s in the issue – from delving deep into the successful pilot’s mindset to journeying to the very fringes of our sport…. The Head Game: “Always fly your own flight. For sure, be aware of the others, where they are and what they’re up to, but […]

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Niviuk Hook 4

Niviuk Hook 4: EN B ‘progression’ wing

Niviuk have announced their EN-B Hook 4 is now ready. It’s a ‘progression’ level wing offering good pilot feedback, and Niviuk hope pilots will use it to discover new places and progress their flying. Niviuk say they’ve upped its performance compared to the Hook 3, thanks to technologies including the lightweight Nitinol rod-reinforced profile and Ram Air Intake […]

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Niviuk Ikuma – ‘back country’ EN-B paraglider

New from Niviuk is the Ikuma, a high-end EN B ‘back country’ paraglider. They say it’s precise and fun to fly, with a sporty character and “awesome” performance. Five sizes cater for all-up weights from 59kg to 130kg, and the Ikuma will be available in four colours. • Got news? Send it to us at Subscribe to […]

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Niviuk Peak 4

Niviuk Peak 4 – EN D cross-country paraglider

The Peak 4 is now here – Niviuk’s new EN-D cross-country hotship. Efficient and performant, it devours kilometres, Niviuk say. The Peak 4 is a two-liner, built using Icepeak know-how and technologies such as internal Nitinol rods reinforcing the structure and maintaining its sleek shape, without adding too much weight. Niviuk say the Peak 4 is fast with with excellent […]

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Niviuk Doberman video

Niviuk Dobermann review (PPG)

It’s a slalom freestyle paramotor wing – just up Jeff Goin’s street
 Efficiency. What really set this wing apart is a generational improvement in efficiency. For any pilot, whether competing or cruising, it’s like getting free horsepower. Spend it how you like – on distance, speed, climb rate, or maybe getting away with smaller propulsion […]

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Niviuk Artik P

Niviuk Artik P – lightweight EN C

Niviuk have released a P (Plume) version of their EN-C Artik paraglider. The Artik P is the latest in a growing P-series of lightweight wing versions, and is aimed at “cross country, mountain and hike-and-fly pilots who want to explore new routes and need lightweight compact gear”. As well as being a more portable and hike-able version of the […]

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