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SIV in Olu Deniz, Turkey. Photo: Jody MacDonald

In issue 141: SIV: Jocky Sanderson on the latest thinking

When should you go on an SIV course? Should you do a refresher on your comp glider? What about pod harnesses? And what does new glider technology mean when you get bent out of shape?

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Oludeniz Air Fest born from the Air Games

The Turkish paragliding festival known to most as the Oludeniz Air Games is to be re-named the Oludeniz Air fest. It takes place in the Turkish resort from 13 – 17 october 2010.

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Organiser stands down but 11th Oludeniz Air Games to go ahead

The organiser of the Olu Deniz Air Games, has stood down, citing “lack of support” for his decision. However, the festival will still go ahead as planned from 13 – 17 October 2010 in Olu Deniz, Turkey.

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Babadag mountain, Turkey has been improved for free-flyers ahead of Air Games in October

The Turkish free-flying paradise of Oludeniz and Babadag mountain, where the 2010 Oludeniz Air Games will take place this October, have been getting ready to host the autumn’s big event.

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International Oludeniz Air Games 2008

Babadag is back to its former glory as an internationally renowned flyers’ paradise

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There I Was: Bungee jumping from a tandem (doh!)

Bungee jumping from a tandem paraglider shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Unfortunately, the landing part is trickier… Semih Sahir gives a bounce by bounce account

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