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Review: Ozone’s Zeno, two-liner, EN D

“It’s an exquisite, energetic wing, set to wipe the smirks off every CCC pilot on the planet. World Cup performance with acceptable behaviour is finally here.” There are already 700 Zenos on their way to cloudbase and beyond – but how do you know when you’re ready to take the step up to Ozone’s iconic […]

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Ozone Z-Alps

Ozone to launch Z-Alps: lightweight Zeno

Ozone have announced that they will be releasing a light version of the EN-D Zeno, the Z-Alps, for summer 2017. The first Z-Alps wings will be supplied to 2017 Red Bull X-Alps competitors – Ozone say that about 12 of the 32 pilots in the race will be flying Ozone, including Pál Takáts (HU), Gaspard Petiot (FR), Richard Brezina (CA) and […]

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New society demands action over ‘cruelty to Zenos’

In case you land at this page later than 1 April 2017, this was an April Fool! A new task force has been set up to prevent cruelty to paragliders. Called the Society Against Cruelty to Paragliders, the organisation has been created following concerns over the number of “barely used” Zeno paragliders appearing on secondhand […]

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Ozone release new Delta 3, EN C

Ozone have released their highly-anticipated Sports class wing, the Delta 3. Information published on the product pages of the Ozone website reveals that the Delta 3 will be produced in six sizes, and is expected to be rated EN C in every size. The ML size, 85-105kg, is the only size fully certified so far. […]

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Ozone Zeno (EN D) review: Flying XC, full stalls and SIV

As part of our review of the Zeno for an upcoming issue of Cross Country Magazine, we went to Monaco and scared ourselves. The Zeno was actually OK… no dramas. The tips stall much earlier than the centre, and care needs to be taken to ensure a symmetric recovery. We found that as you let […]

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Win a paraglider in the Cross Country Prize Draw 2017

Fancy a brand new paraglider for 2017? Then you are in luck – it’s time for the annual Cross Country Magazine Prize Draw. Your chance to win a paraglider, simply by being a subscriber to Cross Country. What do I have to do? All you have to do is hold a valid subscription for the […]

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Ozone Kona: beginners’ PPG and free-flight wing

Ozone have released the Kona, a beginner-friendly glider for pilots who want one wing for both powered and unpowered flight. It’s based on the low-B Buzz Z5, and Ozone say it’s very comfortable to fly both with and without power. Pilots who switch back and forth often and tend to log 30-50 free-flight hours per year will find the […]

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Ozone Fazer 3

Ozone Fazer 3 speed wing

Ozone say the latest Fazer 3 speed wing has an expanded flight range, “unmatched” precision, and can be foot or ski launched. Ozone say they have retained the same easy launch characteristics and great flare, and redesigned the trimmers, adding a new ‘steep flight’ mode that makes it faster and less efficient but more stable, for hugging snowy slopes. […]

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Ozone Zeno

Ozone announce release of the Zeno

Ozone have announced the forthcoming release of the much-anticipated Zeno. The two-liner fits in between the CCC-class Enzo, and the EN-D Mantra series of wings in their range. Hugh Miller made the sneak-preview video of a prototype being flown by Russ Ogden during the North South Cup in the UK in May. The Zeno is a […]

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Honorin Hazard record FAI triangle

Honorin Hamard flies record 306km FAI triangle

Current World Champion and Ozone team pilot Honorin Hamard flew a record 306km FAI triangle in the French Alps on 9 July 2016, on an Enzo 2. Honorin, who is currently leading XContest, started his flight with Luc Armant and friends at 9:28am from Col Agnel in the Cottian Alps west of Monte Viso. He first […]

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Ozone Chabre Open 2016

Jens Cullmann wins 2016 Ozone Chabre Open

German pilot Jens Cullmann won the 11th Ozone Chabre Open, just eight points ahead of Grant Oseland (GB) and Fredrik Angrimer of Sweden.  The Ozone Chabre Open is a friendly annual event, designed to guide cross-country pilots into the world of competition paragliding. It always includes a workshop on using flight instruments, and pre-flight advice on how to fly […]

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Ozone Speedster 2

Ozone announce new Speedster 2 paramotor wing

It’s been a while coming, but Ozone have announced the release of their all-new Speedster 2 paramotor wing for intermediate PPG pilots. Replacing the iconic Speedster was never going to be an easy task. After years of testing, we are pleased to announce that the Speedster 2 is now ready. Much has changed in paraglider design […]

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Ozone Viper 4

Ozone announce new PPG comp wing, the Viper 4

Ozone have replaced their slalom and classic competition PPG wing with the Viper 4. It’s designed for advanced pilots only, and Ozone say that thanks to its three-line design, optimised unsheathed lines and new advanced profile it pushes efficiency and performance to higher levels. They say it behaves like a free-flight wing in thermic conditions, with very progressive, […]

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Ozone LM6

Ozone unveil the LM6 lightweight Mantra M6

Ozone have unveiled the LM6. It’s the light version of the Mantra M6, certified EN D and designed for serious vol-bivouac adventures. A sleek beast, it has an aspect ratio of 6.9 like the Mantra M6, and is a three-liner with a sharknose profile. Ozone say the overall weight has been reduced to a minimum without compromising the […]

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Ozone Zeno

Video: Sneak preview of Ozone’s Zeno

Ozone’s Russell Ogden flew a proto of the Zeno at the North South Cup in the UK, May 2016. We got to fly alongside the Zeno over two tasks of 200km and 150km. No release date has been confirmed by Ozone, who say they never know when a wing is finished – until it’s finished! […]

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Video: tips and tricks for tandem pilots

Herminio Cordido and Ozone have produced a great video for tandem pilots. Watch and learn!

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Ozone SwiftMax

Ozone SwiftMax performance tandem

A serial version of Ozone’s SwiftMax high-performance tandem is now available, aimed at experienced tandem pilots looking for a lightweight wing for cross-country adventures. The 41m² SwiftMax is based on the Swift 4 solo wing, and has a weight range of 150-210kg. Ozone say it offers the glide performance, sink rate, handling, and speed of a solo […]

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GIN Genie Lite

Reviews: Genie Lite 2 and Ozone Forza

“It’s hard not to fall in love with the Genie Lite 2 at first sight” writes Hugh Miller. However, though both are billed as top-notch XC harnesses, there are crucial differences between Gin’s design, and Ozone’s new Forza. “On glide, the Forza is like floating on pillows, and in thermals, like driving an SUV with […]

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Ozone LiteSpeed

Ozone LiteSpeed miniwing

  Ozone’s LiteSpeed is a versatile lightweight miniwing, bridging the gap between lightweight paragliders and speedriding wings. You’ll find it in the speedriding section of Ozone’s website, though they summarise it as a miniwing for use in a wide range of conditions, from hike-and-fly to soaring. It is intended for intermediate pilots upwards, its speed and dynamicism increasing with wing […]

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Ozone Chabre Open to use aspect ratio for comp classes

Organisers of the Ozone Chabre Open have announced they will be pioneering new rules for the different competition classes at the event in 2016. The popular fun competition, now in its eleventh year, will use aspect ratio as well as EN-category to determine which class a glider competes in. In an email announcing the registration […]

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