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High Altitude Flying: 7,000m and above

“We saw big avalanches from the air, flew over glaciers. They were magic days.” Only a handful of pilots have flown above 7,000m. Fresh back from an epic expedition to Pakistan, Tom de Dorlodot tells us about flying in the heavens. Just don’t forget your oxygen. See what’s in the issue

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Antoine Girard

‘Did I feel good? And go up’ – Antoine Girard flies Broad Peak

“It’s like an exclamation mark on what we’ve been doing out there,” said John Silvester of Antoine Girard’s momentous, record-breaking flight to the 8,051m summit of Broad Peak. With frostbitten fingers and no oxygen, Girard had just two things on his mind as he scratched his way up the Himalayan monster: “Did I feel good? […]

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Antoine Girard. Photo: Felix Woelk / Red Bull Content Pool

Antoine Girard breaks 8,100m in Karakoram

Antoine Girard has broken the 8,000m mark in high-altitude cross-country paragliding, soaring Broad Peak, the world’s 12th highest mountain, in a seven hour flight on Saturday 23 July 2016. According to US adventure pilot Brad Sander, who lives in Pakistan and supplied Antoine with oxygen, Antoine climbed through cloudbase at 6,500m and then soared and […]

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Karakoram Highway Paragliding Film

Search Projects: Karakoram Highway full-length film

Karakoram Highway, the award-winning film shot by the Search Projects team in the mountains of Pakistan a couple of years ago, has been released online for free. The 41-minute film follows Thomas de Dorlodot, Horacio Llorens and Hernan Pitocco as they set out to break XC distance and altitude records in some of the biggest […]

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Veso Ovcharov in Pakistan

Off road in Pakistan: Veso Ovcharov’s spectacular photos

Veso Ovcharov, Francois Ragolski, Petar Loncar and Adrien Shams travelled to Pakistan for six weeks of out-of-this-world flying in May and June this year.

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Daniel Gravier, at home in Aberdeen. Photo: Daniel Gravier

In issue 146: Far from help

Wilderness medicine expert Baz Roberts explains exactly what to do in case the worst should happen and you’ve got to manage an emergency when you’re far from help

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Tom de Dorlodot in Pakistan. Photo: Tom de Dorlodot

In issue 145: Tom de Dorlodot in Pakistan

In July 2012 Tom de Dorlodot and Ramón Morillas combined trekking, climbing and flying to complete a stunning 300km three-week expedition through the Karakoram.

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Cross the saddle from Hunza at the start of their 280km vol bivouac. Photo: Dali Carbol

Killing Beauty – K2: The new film from Dalibor Carbol and Juraj Kleja

Dalibor Carbo and Juraj Kleja have finally released the full length DVD of their spectacular 280km vol bivouac through the Karakoram to K2 base camp.

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Sky Guides Karakoram paraglider guiding with John Silvester

Sky Guides: guiding paraglider pilots in the Karakoram

Join John Silvester and Brad Sander and be guided around the Karakoram by paraglider

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Thomas de Dorlodot paragliding in the Pakistan Karakoram Mountains

New record flight set in Karakoram

Thomas De Dorlodot has flown 225.02km in Pakistan

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Podcast: Birdman of the Karakoram director / cameraman Alun Hughes

Paragliding filmmaker Alun Hughes tells Ed Ewing what it’s like to fly tandem with John Silvester in the Karakoram

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Podcast: Alun Hughes on flying with John Silvester in the Karakoram

Adventure filmmaker Alun Hughes spent a month paragliding in the high mountains of Pakistan with flying legend John Silvester to produce his latest spectacular film, The Birdman of the Karakoram. Cross Country magazine gets the lowdown…

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Paragliding season in Pakistan ‘going off’

The paragliding season in the high mountains of Pakistan is “going off” according to resident US pilot Brad Sander.

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Eddie Colfox to use lightweight Vega II in Karakoram expedition

Himalayan adventure pilot Eddie Colfox is to use a lightweight Axis Vega II paraglider in his forthcoming Karakoram expedition with John Silvester.

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Airwave's new lightweight paraglider, the Himalaya

Airwave Himalaya: New expedition glider

The Airwave Himalaya was specially designed for use in professional mountain expeditions

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Paragliding in Pakistan: Kings of the wild frontier

French vol bivouac duo, Philippe Nodet and Julien Wirtz, redefine adventure paragliding over ten incredible days in the heart of the Karakoram in Northern Pakistan.

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On glide to Nanga Parbat. Photo: Olivier Laugero

Paragliding in Pakistan: The Naked Mountain

There’s no room for naked fear tackling the first paraglider circumnavigation of 8,126 m Nanga Parbat – the naked mountain

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