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ITV Boxer 2

ITV announce Boxer 2: beginner PG and PPG wing

ITV have released the “exceptionally easy” Boxer 2. It’s made for free-flight and PPG beginners, and is EN-A and DGAC certified. With three risers on each side and few lines ITV say it’s easy to sort on launch, and then it’s very easy to launch, too. Despite having long brake travel, ITV say steering is […]

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Sol Auster GT

Sol release Auster GT, reflex paramotor wing

Sol have launched their second full-reflex wing for exclusive paramotor use. The Auster GT is aimed at qualified pilots and designed for longer flights. Sol say the Auster GT offers safety and speed, stability and comfort, and all of this with a pleasing ease of use. Features: Dual control – for open, flat turns or tighter turns Risers – precise and easy […]

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Niviuk R-Bus

Niviuk R-Bus tandem paramotor wing

Niviuk have released their first tandem paramotor wing, the R-Bus. Designed for use with trikes it can carry loads up to 500 kilograms. They say it is a very tough, stable and durable glider that offers short, quick and simple take-offs and comfortable and safe landings for both pilot and passenger. A solid but agile wing, they […]

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Advance Epsilon 8 now PPG approved

Advance’s Epsilon 8 has been DGAC approved for paramotor use with special Hybrid-Risers. These Hybrid-Risers have trimmers which can be used to trim out the turning effects of the motor and adjust the cruising speed, Advance say. The Epsilon 8 can still be free-flown using these risers, but the trimmers must be deactivated by stowing the free […]

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Niviuk Dobermann 2

Dobermann 2: Niviuk’s competition / slalom PPG wing

Niviuk have upgraded their competition and slalom PPG wing. They say the Dobermann 2 represents speed, efficiency and security. It’s faster, steadier and better in turns than its predecessor with an excellent glide and a turning speed of up to 60km/h for fast navigation of pylons. Niviuk say it has fast acceleration and a top speed of […]

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Sol Hercules 380

Sol Hercules 380: paramotor trike wing

The Hercules 380 from Sol is a paramotor wing for solo and tandem trikes. Designed for experienced pilots to fly long distances on, Sol say the Hercules 380 is fast, and designed to offer the best combination of safety, speed, glide efficiency and handling characteristics that they could create. It was designed with feedback from trike pilots, who helped mould its […]

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Ozone Speedster 2

Ozone announce new Speedster 2 paramotor wing

It’s been a while coming, but Ozone have announced the release of their all-new Speedster 2 paramotor wing for intermediate PPG pilots. Replacing the iconic Speedster was never going to be an easy task. After years of testing, we are pleased to announce that the Speedster 2 is now ready. Much has changed in paraglider design […]

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Ozone Viper 4

Ozone announce new PPG comp wing, the Viper 4

Ozone have replaced their slalom and classic competition PPG wing with the Viper 4. It’s designed for advanced pilots only, and Ozone say that thanks to its three-line design, optimised unsheathed lines and new advanced profile it pushes efficiency and performance to higher levels. They say it behaves like a free-flight wing in thermic conditions, with very progressive, […]

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Apco Force II

Force II – Apco’s new intermediate PPG wing

The Force II is Apco’s new reflex paramotor wing for intermediate pilots. Apco say it’s an efficient wing for cross-country flying, yet agile and fun to fly, perfect for para-football (see the official Force II video, below). The Force II features tip-steering and Apco’s Automatic Balance System (ABS): ABS® is a system which automatically and gradually pulls […]

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Mac Para Paradox

Paradox – Mac Para’s competition PPG wing

Mac Para’s new Paradox is a high-performance competition-level paramotor racing and slalom wing. The Paradox sports newly-designed reflex aerofoils and competition trimmer risers, and has an aspect ratio of 6.0. Mac Para say it is fast, agile and fun. Of its handling, they say: The Paradox inflates very easily in all conditions even in a light, nil […]

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GIN Falcon

GIN Falcon reflex PPG wing

GIN have released the Falcon, a “state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots”. They say it’s fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient, which makes it a good choice for competition flying, cross country, bivouac adventures or just weekend fun. It has a wide speed range and is fitted with a competition speed system with bar and trimmers. Pushing on […]

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Mac Para Blaze GT

Mac Para Blaze GT paramotor wing

The Blaze GT is a sporty new reflex paramotor wing from Mac Para, one of four new wings the company announced at the 2015 Coupe Icare. “New reflex aerofoils and power risers offer the Blaze GT a wider speed range and sporty, tuned handling”, say the company who say it’s a powered flying dream! The Blaze GT will be available […]

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Apco Lift 400 EU

Apco Lift EU: European spec paratrike wings

Apco have anounced that the Lift reflex PPC wing, designed for heavy trikes, is now available for European-style tandem trikes with narrower hook-in points than their American counterparts. The EU version is available in both the 400 and 450 sizes – the 400 being for light to medium trikes, and the 450 for medium to heavy […]

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Apco Touring Vista III and Force SP paragliders

Apco have released ‘Touring’ versions of the Vista III and Force SP paragliders. The Touring versions have sheathed lines throughout, making them more robust. Just like their original versions, the Vista III Touring is an EN-B free-flight wing, and the Force SP Touring is paramotor-specific. In addition, Apco’s competition slalom wing, the NRG Pro, has been made into a cross-country version […]

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GIN Pegasus

GIN Pegasus beginner PPG wing

GIN launched their new paramotor range at the Paramotor Mondial in Blois, France, (19-21 June 2015), with the Pegasus beginner-intermediate wing. They say the new Pegasus combines safety, comfort and handling, and has “outstandingly easy” inflation and take-off and a low minimum speed. In the air, GIN say the Pegasus gives you the feedback you need to develop […]

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Sol Flexus

Sol Flexus reflex paramotor wing

Sol Paragliders are launching a full-reflex wing for paramotor use: the Flexus. They say it is a fast and stable beginner-intermediate glider. Sol say the Flexus is a good combination of security, speed, performance and ease of handling, and is capable of long cross-country flights. The Flexus is pending DGAC certification, and will be available in six sizes and four […]

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Dudek Hadron XX

Dudek Hadron XX: advanced paramotor wing

Dudek have unveiled their latest reflex cross-country paramotor wing: it’s fast and agile, like the particle it is named after, and intended for experienced pilots. Dudek say the Hadron XX is for competitions, long cross countries, slaloming and thermalling, but they recommend pilots should have 100 paramotor hours logged before they are ready for one. A thoroughly […]

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AirDesign Eazy PPG

AirDesign Eazy PPG

AirDesign’s entry-level EN-A Eazy paraglider has been DGAC certified for paramotor use with new PPG risers. AirDesign say it’s the ideal wing to learn paramotoring on. Made for stress-free flying and easy to inflate and launch, AD say the Eazy is relaxing and confidence-inspiring to fly, absorbing turbulence and banishing stress, for both powered and unpowered […]

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Dudek Snake XX

Dudek Snake XX slalom paramotor wing

Dudek have updated the Snake, their expert slalom wing. The Snake XX is built for agility and performance and is a demanding wing for experienced slalom pilots.  The company say they focussed on performance with the Snake XX. A sharknose profile, Flexi Edge leading edge rods, more cells and a modified arc characterise the wing, and together Dudek […]

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ITV Fury 2

ITV Fury 2 comp wing (PPG)

ITV’s new Fury 2 is a competition paramotor wing for experts. It has been DGAC certified in two sizes, 17 and 18m2. Originally designed as a slalom wing, like the original Fury, ITV say the Fury 2 has demonstrated such solidity in turbulence and low fuel consumption that it is developing a reputation as a multi-purpose competition […]

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