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Competition gliders at the PWC in Sun Valley, Idaho. Photo: Nick Greece

Competition Paragliders ‘Distorting the EN System’ say CIVL

Competition paragliders in the EN system are “distorting” it, according to CIVL and the European Hang and Paragliding Union

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CIVL plenary 2012: CIVL supports new competition class paraglider initiative

CIVL supports a new competition class paraglider initiative

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PMA reiterate they want Serial Class only in FAI Cat 1 events

PMA confirm their Serial position

PMA statement reiterates their pro-Serial class position for FAI Cat1 events

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Super Paragliding Testival 2011: Cross Country mag in Kössen

Cross Country magazine are in Kössen, for the Super Paragliding Testival 2011.

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‘Go Serial Class’ say Paraglider Manufacturers Association

Paragliding competitions could be revolutionised following the decision of the Paraglider Manufacturers Association to support Serial Class for FAI Cat 1 competition, effectively banning Open Class paragliders

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Deregulation of paragliders and hang gliders in Austria

The Austrian Ministry of Transport’s new ZLLV 2010 (decree for civil aircraft and airsport devices) is expected to be in force by May 2010. It means that non-motorised paragliders, hang gliders and parachutes no longer have to be registered in Austria.

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A CIVL debate

Cross Country mag will be attending the annual CIVL meeting in Switzerland on 18 – 21 February 2010. We would like to hear what questions you’d like us to ask CIVL regarding the BBHPP / carbon debate.

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PMA prints frequently asked questions relating to the FAI paraglider class debate

The Paraglider Manufacturers’ Association has printed answers to some frequently asked questions relating to the FAI paraglider class debate, on their website.

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PMA call for Class 6: a new class of paraglider

Paragliding Manufacturers’ Association members voted to ask the world governing body of hang gliding and paragliding, the FAI, to redefine the Class 3 paraglider and create a new class of paraglider, Class 6.

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Hans Bausenwein

Hans Bausenwein new CEO of the PMA

Hans Bausenwein is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Paraglider Manufacturers Association (PMA)

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