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Paragliding in Quixada with Kiwi Johnston

Kiwi Johnston: Chasing 400k in Quixada

“Lesson #1: Rip up the rule-book and throw it away – normal does not apply here.” James ‘Kiwi’ Johnston shares the story of a stupendous season in Quixadá and his swashbuckling attempt to join the hallowed “four-hundred club”. See what else is in Cross Country 184.

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Paragliding in Quixada. Photo: Felix Woelk

The Big Trip: Breaking personal bests in Quixada

“The air now turned magic, and while the sun was getting lower and lower, I just floated along in smooth, light thermals, often helped by my friends the vultures.” Averaging a whopping 180km per day, air-junkie Koen Vancampenhoudt headed to Quixadá, Brazil to break personal bests and fly more than 300km. See what’s in the […]

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Donizete Lemos

Tacima rocks: Brazilian 2014 paragliding season roundup

Donizete Lemos flew 478km in Brazil on 5 November – making it the second longest flight ever flown by paraglider. His flight is the longest in what has so far been a storming season in South America, with numerous 300km flights and several big 400km whoppers. Donizete flew from Tacima in the north east of […]

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Mark Watts in Quixada Brazil 2013

XCeara 2013: Mark Watts and Eduardo Fernandes clock-up 1,100km+ to win

Mark Watts and Eduardo Fernandes win Quixada’s open-distance event, reports Hugh Miller “Chico – you’re a genius!” wrote Peter Harvey back in 1996, having just returned from one of Chico Santos’s events, the Race and Rally. The organiser has a reputation for delivering competitions with a twist, and the XCeara is no exception. Now in […]

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Boomtime in Brazil. Photo: Felix Wolk

Big days roll in as Quixada sees great conditions and multiple 400km flights

Quixada in north east Brazil is experiencing a record-breaking paragliding season, with many pilots breaking the 400km mark in the past three weeks. Alex Coltman is one of the latest pilots to grab a big flight in Quixada, north east Brazil, with a 369km XC flight on Tuesday 19 November. The distance is the longest […]

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Paragliding in Quixada, Brazil. Photo: Felix Wolk

Chasing the Tiger Line in Brazil

When you’re faced with a tiger in the flatlands of Brazil what do you do? Turn and run the other way or stare it down and fly faster?

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Olympio Faissol on launch in Brazil

Brazil’s Best Sites, with Olympio Faissol

Brazilian flatland guru Olympio Faissol reveals the best places to fly in Brazil and when – with advice on flying far and long for paraglider and hang glider pilots

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Nicole Fedele sets record in Brazil

Italy’s Nicole Fedele has claimed a new women’s paragliding world record for ‘Distance using up to three turn points’.

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CearAr Hang Gliding Race and Rally 2003: Route 555

The Ceara Hang Gliding Race and Rally (3-7 September 2003) was the first competition of its kind, the aim being to fly right across the Brazilian state of Ceará by hang glider

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X-Ceara 2000: The Cross Country Classic

We’re gearing up to smash more world records at the annual big distance event in Brazil, this November 2000. Organiser Chico Santos reports.

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X-Ceara 1999: Searing Ceará at the Cross Country Classic

The first Cross Country Classic breaks two records! Chico Santos reports from the paragliding and hang gliding heaven of Ceara in Brazil

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