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Review: Skywalk Chili 4

What happens when you give flying guide and cartoonist Steve Ham a whizz on Skywalk’s new Chili 4? Well, let’s just say that his dazzling illustrations speak for themselves. Find out more, subscribe, and never miss an issue

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Skywalk X-Alps Poison review

Review: Skywalk Poison X-Alps, EN D – Spice is nice!

“I can see why Skywalk give their gliders spicy names, although I think ‘Poison’ is a bit much! The wing is pretty hot compared to her peers, but she is exciting and a blast to fly.” Ali Andrews gives his verdict on a rip-roaring month in Nepal with Skywalk’s lightweight EN-D: the Poison X-Alps. See […]

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Paul Guschlbauer in Alaska

Top-landing with a Super Cub: In Alaska with Paul G

“Landing a Super Cub on a mountain top is a similar feeling to top-landing a paraglider on a small remote mountain somewhere in the Alps.” Paul Guschlbauer tells how he explored the Alaskan wilderness’s untrammeled flying sites – in a Super Cub bush plane. See what else is in Issue 178

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Win a paraglider in the Cross Country Prize Draw 2017

Fancy a brand new paraglider for 2017? Then you are in luck – it’s time for the annual Cross Country Magazine Prize Draw. Your chance to win a paraglider, simply by being a subscriber to Cross Country. What do I have to do? All you have to do is hold a valid subscription for the […]

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Skywalk Chili4

Skywalk to release Chili4 in November 2016

Skywalk have annouced the release of the new EN-B Chili4 for mid-November 2016. Skywalk say it has better performance than the Chili3 and good stability, saying it flies “as if on rails, even in turbulent conditions”, and calling it the “climbing king of the EN-B class”. It features a new canopy concept with a slightly higher […]

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Skywalk Poison X-Alps

Skywalk release lightweight EN D Poison X-Alps

  Skywalk have unveiled their latest high-performance lightweight EN/LTF D glider, the Poison X-Alps.   It is derived from the CCC-rated X-Alps2, as used in the 2015 race, and Skywalk say its glide performance is “phenomenal” while its behaviour remains manageable. The Posion X-Alps is targeted at experienced XC and competition pilots looking for a lightweight […]

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Skywalk Spice

Skywalk Spice: lightweight EN-C

The Spice is a lightweight version of Skywalk’s EN-C Cayenne, offering EN-C performance and handling, with the ease of launch of a hike-and-fly glider. It’s made for XC pilots who spend a lot of time in the mountains, and is available in four sizes, weighing just 3.7kg in the new XXS size for 60-85kg all-up weights. Skywalk say: Like […]

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Skywalk Tonka 2

Skywalk expand their miniwing range with the Tonka2 S

  Skywalk have brought out a larger version of their Tonka2, their specialist wing for para-alpinists and mountain runners. The new S size has a flat area of 17.5m² (14.76m² projected), which is approximately 3m² bigger than the original. It’s certified EN C, where the original was EN D, and has a wider weight range and slightly less dynamic characteristics. […]

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Skywalk Alpine rucksack

Skywalk Alpine paraglider rucksack

Skywalk’s Alpine paraglider rucksack is designed to carry standard to larger volumes, with room for full pod-harness XC kits or bulkier extra-padded harnesses.  The Alpine rucksack has a wrap-around zipper, which Skywalk say makes it easy to load up, and side compression straps to cinch it all in once it’s packed. There are external pockets and bungee […]

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Go Further: How much does a pod harness help?

“Wind tunnel tests show that at trim speed, a faired pod harness has roughly half the drag coefficient of a seated harness.” Looking at the maths, this translates to a huge improvement in glide performance even for pilots flying EN B pilots. Skywalk’s research finds that the fairing at the rear of the pod is […]

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Cayenne 5 review

Skywalk Cayenne 5, EN C

Pat Dower discovers an agile climber and seductive performer at the top of the C class Finding the sweet-spot in paragliding design is both art and science, and I was a little sceptical when I read Skywalk’s introduction to their new EN C wing. “We intentionally made the Cayenne 5 more of a comp wing […]

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Skywalk Tonka 2

Skywalk Tonka 2 – EN-D mini wing

Skywalk’s latest mini wing, the Tonka 2, has a tiny projected area of just 11.8m², EN-D certification and weighs just 2.1kg. It was used by eight of the top-ten placed pilots in the Red Bull Dolomitenmann competition (12 September 2015), and Skywalk say it’s ideal for such competitions, its EN-D rating being a rarity among mini […]

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Skywalk Range X-Alps harness

Skywalk Range X-Alps harness released

A serial version of Skywalk’s Range X-Alps lightweight pod harness is now on sale. The super-lightweight pod harness used by 2015 Red Bull X-Alps pilots has been refined, and LTF certified to 100kg in two sizes. The serial version weighs 960g ‘naked’ (excluding karabiners, back protector and cockpit), with the optional LTF-tested foam protector weighing 380g, bringing […]

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Arriba 3 review

Arriba, Arriba, Arriba: Arriba 3 review (EN B)

We all know that you don’t need a top-end glider to give you a top-end flight. In fact, the opposite can often be the case: put an inexperienced pilot on a high performing wing and they won’t necessarily have a good time or go very far. So when last year Skywalk boss Armin Harich flew […]

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Skywalk Cayenne 5

Skywalk Cayenne 5 – EN C

The Cayenne 5 is a slender EN-C sports class wing, “at home in any of the world’s top XC arenas”. Skywalk say it is more comp wing than its predecessor while managing not to push the boundaries of the EN-C class. It has an aspect ratio of 6.4 and a sharknose, three-line design. Designer Alex Höllwarth is […]

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Skywalk Range X-Alps

Skywalk Range X-Alps pod harness

Skywalk’s Range X-Alps is “an extreme harness for an extreme race” – designed for the Red Bull X-Alps with input from Paul Guschlbauer, and ideal for any hike-and-fly race. Weighing “substantially less” than 1,000g, Skywalk say the Range X-Alps has passed load tests and is now certified. They add that with the optional foam protector, which raises […]

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Skywalk-Salewa Alpine speed clothing range 2015

Skywalk – Salewa Alpine Speed Clothing Range

Skywalk have partnered with mountain clothing and equipment brand Salewa to release a range of specialised lightweight alpine clothing.  Skywalk say the new clothing range, a special version of Salewa’s ‘Alpine Speed’ collection, will complement their lightweight alpine paragliding range and be ideal for serious mountain hike-and-flyers. Their X-Alps athletes will be sporting the range in the 2015 […]

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Skywalk Hike paraglider rucksack

Skywalk Hike lightweight 80 litre backpack

  Skywalk claim their new 80 litre Hike rucksack is one of the lightest on the market, at just 580g. It is roomy enough for full kit, including a pod harness, spare clothing and a decent lunch, they say. Despite being light it is not lacking in the carrying-comfort department, say Skywalk, and robust materials […]

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Skywalk Range Air pod harness

Skywalk release Range Air lightweight pod harness

Skywalk have announced that they have certified three sizes of the Range Air, the lightweight pod harness that was developed from Paul Guschlbauer’s X-Alps harness. It takes max loads of 110kg and weighs 1.9kg (S) with a small pack size. Skywalk say it is one of the lightest fully-enclosed reclining harnesses on the market. The […]

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Armin Harich

Armin Harich’s 300km German record – full report

On Sunday, 13 April 2014, Armin Harich flew 302.9km in the German flatlands to set a new national German record. Armin took off at 11:24am from the west launch in Schriesheim, near Heidelberg, took advantage of the WNW wind and, touched down at 7:41pm near Dingolfing. A partner in Skywalk, he flew a low-level EN […]

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