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Swing Arcus RS

Swing announce Arcus RS ‘low B’ paraglider

Swing’s new low-EN-B Arcus RS is now certified in the first three of five sizes. The RS signifies the the wing sports Swing’s RAST (Ram Air Section Technology) system. An area at the front of the canopy is partitioned off, and there are valves between the two sections. Swing say it means the leading edge always inflates first, […]

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Swing Apus RS

Swing Apus RS mini-wing certified

Swing have announced that their latest mini-wing, the Apus RS, is certified in standard and ‘hike’ (lighter) versions. A versatile wing, Swing say the Apus RS’s uses range from strong-wind soaring to dynamic flying through to hike-and-fly adventures, its behaviour and certification changing with wing loading. Because it’s small and light, it also makes an ideal travel companion. […]

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Swing Trinity RS

Swing Trinity RS acro paraglider

Rast meets acro! Swing’s Trinity RS is an acro wing with Rast for professional acro pilots. Swing say the Rast (Ram Air Section Technology), which allows different sectors the canopy to be at different pressures, is ideally suited to acro wings. The development of the TRINITY RS acro-glider has demonstrated the full potential of RAST: The […]

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Swing Connect Reverse 2

Swing Connect Reverse 2 paraglider harness

Swing have updated their reversible paraglider harness, and the latest edition is the Connect Reverse 2.  It sports an improved airbag which inflates by means of a steel spring, completely independent of airflow, guaranteeing maximum protection right from launch and excellent longevity. The harness now has a more streamlined, aerodynamic shape, and Swing say it has a good […]

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Swing Twin RS

Swing release Twin RS tandem paraglider

Swing’s latest tandem paraglider, the Twin RS, will be available from the end of June 2016. The RS stands for RAST, or Ram Air Section Technology, and Swing say the Twin RS is the first tandem to use the technology which aids launch behaviour and reduces the risk of collapses in turbulent air. The other features […]

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Swing Arus

Swing survey: Arus airbag reserve

In order to help them put the Arus (Automatic Reserve and Safety System) airbag-rescue chute harness into production, Swing are inviting pilots to complete a quick survey on their website. The Arus system is a harness with a dual-airbag and rescue chute system, intended to maximise pilot protection in the event of a reserve parachute being […]

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Swing RAST technology

Video: Swing’s Ram Air Section Technology (RAST)

There has much online discussion about RAST, Swing’s innovative Ram Air Section Technology paraglider design, as used on the EN-A Mito. Swing claim RAST  is a huge leap forward in paraglider safety.  Swing have released the video above to explain in detail what RAST is, and how it works. They say the primary benefits are: Firstly, particularly […]

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On review: Swing Nexus, EN C

“Looking up as you carve into a thermal, the comp-like tips add that little frisson of excitement”, writes Marcus King of the Swing Nexus – one of the fastest EN-C class wings we’ve yet tested, with unique rear-riser control technology to boot. To read the review of the Swing Nexus, check out issue 168

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Swing logo

Safety notice: Swing speed and mini wings

Swing issued a safety notice on 23 February 2016, concerning their speed and mini wings. If you own or fly a SWING Speed- and/or Mini Wing, it is important that you read the message below: Swing asks every pilot to visually check their mini wing before the next flight and confirm the presence of the […]

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Swing Nyos

Swing to replace EN-B Mistral with Nyos

Swing are to unveil the brand new Nyos at the 2015 Coupe Icare. A performant EN-B model, it will replace the Mistral 7.  With the Nyos, the company promise comfort and stability, an outstanding climb rate and dynamic handling, and it will be made in five sizes. The company are also unveiling a new EN-A […]

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Swing Nexus EN C paraglider

Swing Nexus – EN C paraglider

Swing say they developed their new EN C wing, the Nexus, with the glide and stability that will help pilots fly long distances at fast speeds. Developed for tough conditions, Swing say the Nexus is reliable and intuitive, with better performance than ever whether at full throttle, or when gliding or climbing. Rough air? Bring it […]

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Swing Sensis EN B

Additional S/M size for Swing Sensis (EN B)

Swing’s leisure intermediate EN B wing the Sensis is now available in a new S/M size, for 80-102kg all-up. This is the fifth certified size, with XS, S, M and L sizes already certified.  • Got news? Send it to us at Subscribe to the world’s favourite hang gliding and paragliding magazine home

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Advance Progress 2 and Swing Connect Reverse Evo

Reversible harnesses are one of the biggest trends in paragliding, offering ease of use, simplicity and functionality. And of course you save weight by not having a separate bag. Charlie King, our resident ultra-runner, is always looking for ways to save weight. She jumped at the chance to review two of the most recent offerings […]

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Swing Discus EN A

Stitch up: Back to XC school on the Swing Discus, EN A

In issue 155 of Cross Country magazine we get one of the UK’s top XC pilots off his EN D super-wing and give him an… EN A glider. Yes, we hobble him with a school wing, a beginner’s boat, a paper plane to the red arrow he’d been flying all season. But was it really […]

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The Connect Reverse in both harness and rucksack mode. Photo: Swing

Swing update the Connect Reverse

  Swing have “completely revised” their best-selling reversible harness, the Connect Reverse. Saying the harness is “proven and well tested but now much better” the new harness keeps the alpine back by rucksack specialist Deuter, but Swing have optimised and developed the belt system and airbag. Swing say their updates include: Optimized and lighter belt […]

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First Flight Review: Swing Discus (EN A)

The Swing Discus is an EN A glider aimed at new pilots who want a paraglider that will take them through to cross country flying. Flybubble’s first flight video review: • Got news? Send it to us at Buy and sell gear on Home

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Richard Gallon at the Stubai Cup 2014

Video: New gear at the Stubai Cup 2014

The Stubai Cup in March was the first chance to see what the paragliding companies have for the new season. We spoke to them to find out what they were excited about for 2014. Includes interviews with Nova, Sup’Air, Apco, Advance, Skywalk, MacPara, AirG, AirDesign, BGD, Triple 7, Skyman, Swing, U-Turn, Sky Paragliders and others. […]

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Swing’s new Discus EN A

  The Discus is the new beginner and low airtime wing from Swing. Swing say it’s a safe and easy-to-fly EN A wing, with “balanced handling and a good speed range”. An efficient wing, it benefits from 3D wing shaping and trailing edge mini-ribs, and Swing say it will happily take pilots on cross-country adventures. […]

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Swing Brave 3 paragliding harness

Swing release the Brave 3

  Swing have released the Brave 3, a “comfortable and lightweight” reversible harness that weighs in at less than 2kg. Swing say it offers optimum mobility for speedriding with skis and is also perfectly suitable for hike-and-fly, vol-biv and anyone who wants a lightweight harness. “This versatility is achieved through easily installable additional options, like […]

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The Swing logo. Image: Swing

Paragliding World Cup Superfinal 2013: Swing: Statement on the Superfinal

  Swing, a manufacturer with only two wings flown in the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal, have said they do not accept the provisional result of the competition. Following GIN’s statement earlier today, Monday, Swing is the second comp-wing manufacturer to have publicly declared what they think about the Ozone Enzo 2 controversy, calling it a […]

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