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British RAF’s three tandems meet for the first time

Chris Williams from the RAF’s Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association reports… Three Royal Air Force (RAF) tandem paragliders flew together for the first time ever at Westbury, a paragliding site in the south of England, at the end of October 2017. Chris Williams, a former RAF pilot, flew a brand-new Advance Bi Beta 6 that […]

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Paragliding in England

Pushing the bar in the UK flatlands

“300km is the next big goal in the UK.” British records tumbled in August as Alex Coltman flew 281km from Milk Hill to the village of Mundesley on England’s east coast. He tells us how British pilots can now aim even higher. See what else is in Cross Country 184.

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Coast to Coast for Breast Cancer UK

Coast to Coast for Cancer Research UK

British paramotorist Giles Fowler is planning to fly his paramotor 500km non-stop across the UK in June 2017, to raise money and awareness for Cancer Research UK.   Giles, whose article on setting PPG height-gain records was featured in issue 167, explains: I wanted to try a different endeavor after a close friend of mine, Clarisse, was diagnosed with but is now […]

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Paragliding with Grupa 303

“Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of the Battle of Britain would have been the same.” Matt Warren meets the pilots of the UK’s largely Polish Grupa 303 paragliding club – and hears first-hand the story of […]

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Avian: British HG company changes hands

After nearly 30 years running UK hang glider business Avian, Steve Elkins is passing the reins to fellow pilot and engineer, Tim Swait. Tim has long been an Avian fan: The first glider he flew was a Fly, and it was a Rio that took him through his schooling, his first XCs and competitions. Avian say of Tim: He’s […]

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Parafest 2017

Parafest 2017: tickets on sale

Tickets for the UK’s Parafest 2017 went on sale at the end of January. The paragliding, hang gliding and PPG festival takes place in Caerwys, North Wales, from 30 June to 2 July 2017. There is an on-site launch field for PPGs and powered hang gliders, and free-flight sites close by. Everyone is hoping for plenty of in-air action, […]

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Stolen paramotor gear UK: serial numbers and photos

UK paramotor pilot Paul Haxby had tens of thousands of euros worth of equipment stolen from his garage in England on 26 November 2016. He suspects the equipment, which includes paragliders, paramotors and harnesses, is currently being hidden in the UK, and will be sold off piece by piece. If any pilot sees or is […]

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Sacha Dench. Photo: WWT

Sacha Dench: Profile of ‘The Human Swan’

Sacha Dench has successfully completed her epic 7,000km adventure Flight of the Swans. She arrived in the UK on 5 December 2016, after flying through northwestern Europe from northern Siberia. Her flight was made to raise awareness about the plight of the Bewick’s Swan, which is under threat. Before she set off we spoke to […]

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Avian for sale

Avian: UK hang gliding business for Sale

  UK-based hang gliding company, Avian, is up for sale. Steve Elkins, Avian MD and designer, started the company over 25 years ago. He says: We are looking for a potential buyer with engineering know-how and a maybe a desire to do something totally different from their current job. Being able to design, test and fly your own […]

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Paramotor world championship medals ready to be won...

World Paramotor Championships: 20-27 August

The FAI World Paramotor Championships kicks off on 20 August 2016 for one week of high calibre classic competition. The venue is an airfield in the south of England, and the competition will run at the same time as the World Microlight Championships. The microlight competition will be directed by eight-time FAI World or European […]

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Paramotoring in Shetland

Islands in the storm: Paramotoring in Shetland

What’s it like flying in one of the most remote, and unflyable, parts of northern Europe? The Shetland Islands’ John Coutts still has hope… See what’s in Cross County 173, September 2016

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British Paramotor Championships 2016

Report: British Paramotor Championships 2016

Michel Carnet won the 2016 British Paramotor Championships, ahead of Mark Morgan and Ric Womersley. Paul Smith and Jamie Goodridge report from the event, which took place in Swindon, UK, at the end of June.  The British Open Paramotor Championships 2016 were held this year on farmland in Swindon between the 25th and 28th June in […]

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Sacha Dench: Flight of the Swans

“It’s hard to get your head around the fact that all the migratory swans in the world are in this one delta in Russia. The people there aren’t wealthy, and it’s still a community where a lot of hunting happens for food.” Sacha Dench is preparing to fly 7000km with swans on their migratory route […]

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British PPG Open

Nominations call for UK’s PPG Johan Bossuyt trophy

The British PPG comps committee are calling for nominations for the Johan Bossuyt trophy, which is awarded annually to pilots who have demonstrated good sportsmanship and selflessness. Belgian pilot Johan Bossuyt sadly lost his life, along with his passenger Bert Declercq, in a flying accident on a tandem trike at his home airfield in 2006. The Johan […]

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Carl Wallbank

Carl Wallbank: 275km UK HG goal record

Carl Wallbank flew 275km to set a new UK hang gliding declared goal record on 23 April 2016. The flight has also been submitted to the FAI as European Declared Goal record. The flight, from Llangollen in North Wales to Weymouth on the south coast of England, took him 6 hours 12 minutes, and meant […]

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Paramotor World Championships 2016: Popham, UK, 20-27 August

Britain’s finest … British Paramotor Championships 2014. Expect similar wide open grassy fields and rolling landscape at Popham 2016 A change in venue means the Paramotor World Championships 2016 will now be held at a famous Spitfire airfield in the south of England, from 20-27 August 2016. Popham Airfield is a well known airfield an […]

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Hunted TV show

British TV company seeks pilots for ‘Hunted’ TV show

A British TV company is looking for paraglider or paramotor pilots to take part in Hunted, a reality TV show where people go on the run across the country. Got what it takes to stay hidden for a week and win a share of a £100,000 prize pot? They say: Hunted follows a number of […]

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Giles Fowler paramotoring

Oxygen on: By Giles Fowler

Giles Fowler explains how to set a height record in paramotoring Flying above 10,000ft the CAA recommends using supplementary oxygen, and above 35,000ft 100% oxygen is needed. During the 2014 preparation we visited the RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine (UK) and quickly realised the seriousness of what we planned. Air pressure at 25,000ft is so […]

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Parafest 2015

Parafest 2015: new UK flying festival

2015 saw the birth of a new UK flying festival – Parafest took place on 14-17 June in Llangollen, North Wales and was a great success. Tickets sold out a month beforehand, but a typically British pre-weekend weather forecast for torrential rain kept some potential revellers at home – although in the end the weekend was dominated by sunshine and […]

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Parajet finance

Parajet finance for UK customers

UK paramotor firm Parajet have announced that they are now able to offer flexible finance to UK customers on all of their products. A minimum deposit of 10% is required, and the loan is subject to status. To find out more, call their team on +44 (0)1747 830 575. • Got news? Send it to us […]

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