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Ben Depp photograps Louisianna

Paramotoring the Louisiana Wetlands

“I do believe wild spaces are sacred – they are infinitely complex ecosystems that are certainly more beautiful than the inside of any church I’ve been in.” Photographer Ben Depp tells how he braves alligators, clouds mosquitoes – and a slightly dodgy paramotor – to capture the exquisite beauty of Louisiana’s vanishing coastline. Find out more, […]

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Paramotoring SW USA

Cover Story: Paramotoring in the Southwest USA

“I love living in a van. When we’re in a house, I feel super scattered when all my stuff is spread out and I don’t know where anything is. “We get to travel around and fly … and when we land, we get to walk right back into our house.” Becca Bredehoft and Cade Palmer […]

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Gavin McClurg in Bristol

Gavin McClurg’s North of Known tour hits the UK

This is Gavin McClurg in deep in Alaska on a marathon month-long traverse of the Alaska Range last year. He has been touring his 52-minute film North of Known to paragliding clubs and adventure audiences in California and Oregon. This week he is hopping across the Atlantic and bringing his unique presentation to Europe. A […]

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Florida X-Race 2017

Icarus X-Race 2017: Trey German wins

Trey German won the paramotor adventure race, the Icarus X-Race, that was held over the weekend of 24-26 March in Florida, USA.  Judging by the photos he posted on his Facebook page, it’s safe to say he had a pretty good time. Trey completed the 230-mile (370km) task ahead of Johnson Qu, who had been leading on […]

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Paul Guschlbauer in Alaska

Top-landing with a Super Cub: In Alaska with Paul G

“Landing a Super Cub on a mountain top is a similar feeling to top-landing a paraglider on a small remote mountain somewhere in the Alps.” Paul Guschlbauer tells how he explored the Alaskan wilderness’s untrammeled flying sites – in a Super Cub bush plane. See what else is in Issue 178

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Nick Greece in Iran

Video Q&A: Paragliding through Iran with Nick Greece

US team pilot Nick Greece has released a brilliant video from a paragliding and paramotoring trip to Iran Nick, it’s a beautiful video. When did you go to Iran? October of 2015. What was it like? It was fantastic flying with big air, incredible culture, inspiring hospitality, glorious food, immense sites of antiquity over 2,000 […]

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Gavin McClurg in Alaska

On the cover: The Alaska Traverse

“To understand this story you have to understand that I’m not crazy. I’ve had some close calls but that doesn’t mean I’ve got a death wish.” Gavin McClurg reveals how he and Dave Turner traversed the wild and impenetrable Alaska Range, why he’s sometimes guilty of dreaming a little too big – and how returning […]

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Record 226km task in Chelan at US Paragliding Nationals

More than 60 pilots made a 226km goal at the US Paragliding Nationals in Chelan on Friday 15 July 2016, making it the longest successful competition paragliding task ever flown. Josh Cohn (US) topped the table, placing first with a super-quick time of 4h29:32. Getting to goal first but placing second behind Cohn because of […]

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Gavin McClurg in the helicopter

Gavin McClurg: Adventure and Alaska

Gavin McClurg is currently in Alaska attempting a pioneering vol biv line with Dave Turner. In his column, he writes of his inner, mental journey preparing for what could be a very dangerous mission. “The quote by Helen Keller comes in handy in these situations,” he writes. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing […]

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USHPA fundraising campaign

Million-dollar campaign to save free-flight in the USA

The United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association needs to raise almost a million dollars by March to keep free-flying free in the USA. “This issue affects every hang glider and paraglider pilot flying in the US, and requires all of us to contribute what we can. The insurance landscape has changed dramatically, forcing USHPA […]

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Paramotoring in the USA: Navajo road trip

Eighty pilots head out on a paramotoring road trip through Arizona and the USA. “With a perfect weather, we flew in Lake Pleasant, Rimrock, Cottonwood, Sedona, Flagstaff, Window Rock, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Grand Canyon.”

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Alaskan Airdrop: Paramotoring in the Alaskan Backcountry

Join Xavier De Le Rue, Ralph Backstrom, and Sam Anthamatten as they journey to Alaska to attempt a new way to get up and down the fresh snow covered mountains.

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Dave Wainwright

Dave Wainwright wins first Icarus trophy

Australian Dave Wainwright won the first ever Icarus Trophy – a 1,300km paramotor race dreamt up by Adventure specialists the Adventurists, which took place in October 2016 in the USA.  The 1,300 kilometres from Seattle to Valley Springs, California were covered by Dave and fellow Australian Kristan Fischer in a staggeringly fast three days. Kristan actually landed four minutes […]

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Jeff Shapiro, left, and Gavin McClurg

Podcast: Gavin McClurg talks to Jeff Shapiro

Red Bull X-Alps 2015 pilot Gavin McClurg talks to Jeff Shapiro, hang glider pilot, climber and wingsuit pilot in this in-depth 1h48m podcast that explores how to develop as a pilot and the risks we choose to take, or not. Listen now (opens a new window) Cross Country is a reader-supported international publication and is available […]

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Thirty years ago: Larry Tudor sets height record

Thirty years ago on 4 August 1985 US hang glider pilot Larry Tudor set a world record for gain of height, climbing 4,343m in one flight. Tudor, described as “part bird, part sky god”, was a pioneer hang glider pilot in the 1970s and 1980s, pushing hang gliding as far as it could go. He […]

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Jorge Atramiz

Jorge Atramiz shows us round Hawaii

Hello Hawaii. Photographer Jorge Atramiz takes us on a journey through the magnificent aerial landscapes of his home state. When we asked Jorge Atramiz to put together a set of photographs that captured the spirit of Hawaii, he said Sure, no problem, But I might have to get a few more shots. Four months later […]

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The big sky of Alaska. Photo: Mitch Riley

Into the wild: Vol-biv in Alaska

“You should get in touch with a friend of mine in Alaska, he’s been doing some flying out there.” When pilots you respect – the pilot emailing was a world record holder – say things like that, it’s time to take a look. What we discovered when we followed up is amazing. Will Brown, a […]

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The X-Rockies

The X-Rockies – 3,000km trip through the USA

Two French cousins are in the USA on an ambitious attempt to travel the length of the Rocky Mountains by foot, ski and paraglider – with no motorised transport at all. Thomas Punty, 24, and Nelson Defreyman, 22, set off from Canada in the north in March and are now “about to hit Salt Lake […]

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500 Miles To Nowhere

Video: 500 Miles to Nowhere

Paragliding pilots Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Matt Beechinor and Gavin McClurg attempt a bivvy line from Hurricane Ridge, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Filmed by Michael Paul Jones and Jeremy Canon. • Got news? Send it to us at Buy and sell gear on Home

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Free Flyers: A hang gliding movie by Tony Ritter

    Free Flyers is a new 60-minute film featuring some of Utah’s most iconic flying sites. Starring some local and international hang gliding legends, it was made by pro filmmaker Tony Ritter. A hang gliding road movie, it also features the battle to save Point of the Mountain, one of the best free flight […]

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