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Mind the traffic – good manners are essential. Photo: Jeff Folk

Guide to Torrey Pines, USA

Torrey Pines is one of the most historic in the USA. Come and soar the Pacific coast – but mind your manners – it’s a busy site

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The best days are post cold frontal. Photo: Nick Greece

Guide to Woodrat, USA

Woodrat, Oregon is home of the famous Rat Race comp, in the heart of the great American outdoors

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Smoky mountains. Photo: Jody MacDonald

Guide to Sun Valley, USA

Prepare to rodeo – this is Sun Valley, the Wild West of free-flying

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Riding the Sierra Nevada from Walt’s Point. Photo: Jonathan Dietch

Guide to Owen’s Valley, USA

The Owens Valley is not for the faint-hearted, but pick your season, and the valley’s rocky peaks pump powerful climbs up to 6,000m over the deepest valley in the United States

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The site overlooks the Los Angeles basin, home to 20 million people. Photos: Jonathan Dietch

Guide to Marshall, USA

Marshall Peak is in the San Bernardino Mountains on the edge of the Mojave desert. It’s one of the USA’s most reliable mountain thermalling sites

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Guide to Jackson Hole, USA

At the entrance to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole is one of the most picturesque and ‘Wild West’ locations in the United States

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Florida is flat: Following friends along the milk run. Photo: Ricker Goldsborough

Guide to Florida, USA

Florida offers benign XC flying in a subtropical paradise

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Heading north east into the big wide yonder behind launch - perfect flatland flying. Photo: Stefan Mitrovich

Guide to Chelan, USA

Chelan is a welcoming vacation town with lakes and mountains. It offers the pilot unlimited big routes across the flatlands, with mountain flying too

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Gavin McClurg. Photo: Jody MacDonald

Footlaunch paragliding record falls in the USA

Gavin McClurg broke the US paragliding foot launch record on 15 July 2013, flying 383km from Sun Valley, Idaho on his Niviuk Peak 3.

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Trophy night at Rat Race 2013. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: Final glide finish + Laddie Shaw + Keiko Hiraki

Last day at the Rat Race and the final podcast from Andy Pag is packed.

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The sky finally clears at the Rat Race allowing good racing. Photo: Brad Gunnuscio / Facebook

Rat Race 2013 podcast: Jeff Farrell, Jeff Huey and Mike Haley

The flying is on at the Rat Race and Michael Sigel is leading the pack. The latest podcast from Andy Pag at the competition in Oregon features Jeff Farrell interviewing Jeff Huey and Mike Haley.

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Launch on Day 0 of the Rat Race 2013. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: Rob Sporrer, Luis Rosenkjer, and Jeff Farrell on the USA’s favourite wings

While parawaiting Andy Pag talks to Rob Sporrer, Luis Rosenkjer, and Jeff Farrell about the wings they import to the US and the pilots that fly them.

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Dreaming of a task... Day 3 and it's raining. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: Zen Ken, Andrew Berkly and Paul Murdoch (contains some swearing)

Andy Pag uncovers an amazing story from the practice task, involving a farmer, a gun, a quad bike and a totally destroyed wing…

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Jugdeep Aggarwal. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 Podcast: Jug Aggarwal and Jeff Farrell

As cabin fever sets in Andy Pag speaks to Jug Aggarwal about the Nor-Cal XC League which brings pilots together one weekend a month to fly tasks he sets.

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Rat Race terrain. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: US Team Selection Process + Boom 9

Andy Pag talks to Jeff Huey about how to get selected for the US Team and Brett Hazlett reveals what he thinks of his new GIN Boomerang 9

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Launch on Day 0 of the Rat Race 2013. Photo: Andy Pag

Rat Race 2013 podcast: Practice Day and how to fly the site

Andy Pag talks to local gurus Bill Belcourt and Hayden Glatte about how best to fly Woodrat Mountain on Day 0 of the Rat Race 2013 – the biggest paragliding comp in the USA

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Day something, somewhere in the California Sierras. Photo: Jody MacDonald

In issue 146: Sierra Surfing

‘Life becomes a blissful routine. Fly, camp, eat, sleep and fly again. Every two or three days we’d try to land at a place where the truck could meet us so we can restock food and water and charge batteries. Below us the terrain is in a constant state of awesome change.’

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Guy Anderson, left, in recovery mode

In Issue 144: Guy Anderson’s Story of Survival

When Guy Anderson went missing during the Sun Valley Paragliding World Cup in August 2012 the hearts of pilots around the world sank. Read his remarkable story in the latest issue of Cross Country magazine…

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In issue 143: Smashing the Hang Gliding World Record

When news came through that Jonny Durand and Dustin Martin were flying across Texas and looked set to break the hang gliding world record, we dropped everything to stand and stare at their Spot tracks as it happened.

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In issue 143: 200 Mountain Miles in the USA

An email pinged in from Nick Greece in the USA. “200 miles. Got photos. Kiwi writing the report.” The story of the race for 200 mountain miles is told in great style in this issue of Cross Country magazine.

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