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The windy website

Making the most of weather site

“It’s truly a great gift to all who rely on the weather for their fun.” Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek reveals how we can all become expert weather forecasters – with a little help from See what else is in Cross Country 184.

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Weather: Understanding Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds

“There is a particular type of cloud that offers insight into what turbulence might look like.” Our in-house weatherman Honza Rejmanek introduces the billow cloud, or Kelvin-Helmholtz, and explains what it can teach pilots about the often invisible perils of turbulence. See what else is in Issue 178

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Paragliding in the rain

Why you (really) shouldn’t fly in the rain

“As soon as you are in the rain, as soon as your glider is wet, you should be acutely aware of parachutal.” Ed Ewing speaks to the experts about how to stay safe when the heavens open. See what else is in Issue 177

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The Miso Soup Connection to Thermalling Better

Honza Rejmanek explains why gazing into your next bowl of miso soup could make you a better pilot… The question of where the next thermal will be is as old as soaring itself. Over the years, much has been written on how thermals form and behave. Much of what is known is based on anecdotal […]

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Honza Rejmanek

Honza Rejmanek: Plotting the perfect day

Meteorologist Honza Rejmanek talks isotherms, dry adiabats, pressure level lines and wind barbs to explain how you can plot a perfect day. See what’s in Cross County 173, September 2016

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Meteorology: Understanding Microbursts by Honza Rejmanek

Meteorologist Honza Rejmanek has been a paraglider pilot since 1993. He has competed in four Red Bull X-Alps, and came third in 2009. He lives in California. In his Meteorology column in issue 163 he wrote about microbursts. In most cases you are likely to receive strange looks if you publicly express a fear of […]

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Understanding fire thermals, pyrocumulus and pyroCb

The practice task at the Paragliding World Championships in Colombia has already thrown up an interesting point of contention: flying in fire thermals. As we report on the Airtribune blog: The land around the site here is agricultural, with a lot of space given over to sugarcane. When the farmers burn off the stubble they […]

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Tuesday Tip: Wind Layers

This tip is about Wind Layers, and comes from Dennis Pagen’s Understanding the Sky Wind Layers Air behaves differently at different levels. This chart helps define the behaviour of the air in the lower layers. 500-1,000m: Free atmosphere. Here the air viscosity is not significant because it doesn’t interact with solid objects. The movement of the […]

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Tuesday Tip: Wind Table

This  tip is from Dennis Pagen’s classic Understanding The Sky It is useful to be able to assess how strong the wind is by looking at what is happening in the environment. Here’s a guide: Calm: Smoke goes straight up. No movement in vegetation. 0-3mph (0-5km/h): Smoke goes straight up. Leaves begin to rustle. 3-5mph (5-8km/h): […]

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Honza Rejmanek. Photo: Red Bull Content Pool

Honza’s Weather: Understanding tongues and ramps of wind

‘Wind does not establish itself in complex terrain in a nice even manner. Here it is helpful to apply metaphors such as tongues and ramps’

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How to reach cloudbase on a paraglider

Video: How to reach cloudbase on a paraglider

Greg Hamerton, an instructor with a paragliding school in England, posted this great video explaining how to reach cloudbase on a paraglider.

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How clouds form, from the Met Office

Video: How Clouds Form

This short video from the Met Office in the UK is a good guide to how clouds form

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Cumulus building into a big cell on an unstable day

Understanding air stability

Bob Drury explains the effects of inversions, airmasses, high and low pressure systems on your day’s paragliding or hang gliding

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Close to base. Photo: Adrian Thomas

In issue 144: How to Fly Clouds

One minute you’re climbing in a sunny thermal, singing your favourite Madonna song out loud – who can hear after all? – and then the next: Bam! You’re in the wispies and in danger of being sucked in to the white room. Our masterclass can help

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Looking remarkably composed, the pilot descends under reserve. His hang glider flipped upside down

‘White out and deployment’: Amazing hang gliding footage

Video: Hang glider pilot sucked into a cu-nim and then throws reserve

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Hang gliding and paragliding techniques: Thermal Flying Part 3: Cloud streets over flatlands

A series of choice cuts from Burkhard Martens’ new technique book on everything you need to know about cross country paragliding and hang gliding

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Pilot’s Weather now available at XCShop

Barely an equation in sight! Just straight-forward explanations and diagrams of that most treasured of subjects for all pilots, the weather

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Climate change: What does it mean for hang gliding and paragliding?

Will climate change affect paragliding? Former hang glider pilot and University of Cape Town meteorologist Dr Bruce Hewitson tells Jaco Wolmarans to buckle up

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