The Team

Ed Ewing, editor
Ed’s been flying since the early 1990s and has travelled the world as a pilot and journalist. He joined the Cross Country team in 2008 and was made editor in 2010. Email him your hot stories and amazing photos at

Marcus King, designer and associate editor
Flying since 1991, Marcus is the creative hub behind the design and production desk. Contact Marcus at

Verity Sowden, sales and advertising director
Verity joined Cross Country in 2006 and runs both the commercial and financial sides of the magazine. When not flying or skiing Verity spends her time keeping Cross Country’s many readers and advertisers happy. Contact Verity at or +44 1273 256 090.

Charlie King, subeditor
Charlie is a talented paraglider pilot who loves combining her passion for running with flying – hike-and-fly is her favourite thing to do, usually before the rest of us are up. Contact Charlie on

Hugh Miller, publisher
After winning the British Championships and World Air Games in 1998, Hugh was taken on as editor of Cross Country by founder Sherry Thevenot. As crazy about flying as ever he is a core part of our reviews team.

Bruce Goldsmith, Icaristics
Bruce is a former Paragliding World Champion (2007) and runs BGD Paragliders from his home in the south of France. He has written the magazine’s Icaristics column for nearly 20 years.

Honza Rejmanek, Meteorology
Honza has competed in four Red Bull X-Alps and is a professional meteorologist. He lives and flies in California and writes our regular meteorology column.

Jeff Goin, Paramotoring
Jeff is a leading paramotor pilot in the USA and one of the sport’s most prolific writers. He is author of the Powered Paragliding Bible and writes for Cross Country Magazine every issue.

Jon Chambers, Mountain Flying
Jon has been flying for more than 20 years and has competed in the Red Bull X-Alps twice. Author of Hanging in There, a book about the X-Alps, he writes about mountain flying every issue. Also a Tandem Dad.

Glider review pilots
Our reviewers aim to fly at least 10 hours on each wing before writing a considered review of 1700-2000 words. Reviewers include Marcus King, Pat Dower, Charlie King, Hugh Miller, Richard Sheppard and Ed Ewing.