Cross Country Magazine Tuesday Tip

This week's tip is from Acrobatics, by Mike Kung, Xandi Meschuh, Michael Nesler and Gudrun Ochsl

Exiting a spiral dive

There is a skill to exiting a spiral dive. The exit should take place in such a way that there is no pitching of the wing.

This is best achieved by releasing the inner brake slowly and then using a small amount of brake on the outside. Then the weight should be shifted slowly and sensitively from the inside to the centre.

To exit a spiral dive with a sink rate of 10m/s plus perfectly will take at least one 360-degree turn, during which the sink rate is reduced and never gets converted into a climb. This may sound easy but is an art in itself!

If you exit a spiral dive too quickly, without reducing the energy over a few rotations, you may experience a collapse, so remember to practice manoeuvres like a spiral dive with height, over water and with appropriate training.

Syncro Spiral

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