Cross Country Magazine Tuesday Tip

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Your equipment

I've just heard the Red Bull X-Alps is going to be over 1,000km long this year.

The organisers announced the new route yesterday, and it's nearly 20% longer than the race in 2011. That's going to make it even more epic, and even more addictive.

This means that from 7 July I will need constant access to the internet and won't be able to help out much around the office – for about two weeks.

If you could help out by scheduling meetings without me, that would be great. Even if I do have to attend, I'll most likely be looking at my smartphone a lot and will only be able to say 'Uh?' – sorry.

Thanks for your understanding in this. Normal service will be resumed towards the end of July.

Kind regards

A L Pilotus

Check out the 2013 X-Alps route here: New Route is Longest Yet

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