Cross Country Magazine Tuesday Tip

Fresh back from our August holiday, this week's Tuesday Tip is from the latest issue of Cross Country magazine which is in production now. It's from an exclusive in-depth post-X-Alps interview with Chrigel Maurer.

The secrets of Chrigel

Can you explain how you fly in such a direct, arrow-like way?

When I fly, I really focus on just being in one of several modes.

That means, when I take-off or I am really low, I stay in the ‘thermalling’ mode and I try to forget everything around, I just focus really intently on my vario, watching around me for birds, and feeling my wing.

If I’m in this mode, my goal is cloudbase – or to get as high as possible.

When I’m then climbing well, I can then switch to ‘planning’ mode, and start thinking about where I’m heading next.

After I get to the top, I go into ‘glide’ mode, and try to fly as efficiently as possible, finding the best line, flying at the best speed with my speedbar, and trimming my wing.

Then when I come across lift, I try to analyse whether it’s strong enough to turn or not. If it is, I switch directly into ‘thermalling’ mode – if it's not, I continue straight.

I really try and select only the best thermals so I don’t lose time. The higher I am, the more picky I can be.

This flying style makes me quite fast.

The full interview is in issue 149 of Cross Country magazine – due out next week

A big day out in the southern French Alps

Photo: Marcus King