Cross Country Magazine Tuesday Tip

This week's tip is from Fifty Ways to Fly Better, and is about flying late

The Magic Hour

The last hour of a flight is often the most important one. You will probably need to change flying styles as the conditions get weaker, and the sign of a really good pilot is knowing how quickly the conditions get weaker and therefore how quickly you need to change your style.

Staying high is an important tactic later in the day. The thermals get weaker and further apart and less reliable, so you need the extra height to maximise your chances of finding another thermal.

There's also a big psychological element to squeezing the most out of the day. Getting home is all about extending the flight right to the limit rather than thinking the day is over.

If you think the day is over you will surely go down. Often staying up is all about attitude and determination, so in the evening you need to be more determined to get up, not less!

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