Coupe Icare goes green

Organisers of the Coupe Icare want to reduce its environmental impact. “We want to fly”, says spokesman Marie-Claude Prévitali, “but not under a cloud of carbon monoxide”.

So this year, its 36th edition, they are providing free ‘Icarenbuses’ for pilots and visitors to try to reduce the congestion on the roads around the festival site. There is free parking from 17-20 September at La Terrasse, in the Grésivaudan valley, from where the bus will run to St Hilaire du Touvet festival site and the Lumbin landing field.

Other green measures that are in place include the reduction of rubbish (glasses will be used in place of plastic cups, for a deposit of a Euro. You can then keep your glass as a souvenir, or give it back and receive your Euro back) but the rubbish that is unavoidably generated will be recycled.

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