XC Turkey 2010: Packed and ready

UP Trango XC in red and white

Couldn't find a shot of a UP Trango XC in the same colour combo as the one I'm bringing to Turkey, so here's one in red/white.

In my first blog entry I promised to let ya’ll know what wing I’d be on in Turkey, once the matter had been settled among all my colleagues. As it turns out I’ll be flying the Trango XC, and the wing arrived at my doorstep yesterday.

She’s a gorgeous baby in orange/white, and a tight little package too, just as I like’em. I look forward to trying the wing in a competitive environment, even if the XCTurkey is not a racing event as such. From what I saw in Bassano in April, where the wing was flown by Thomas and Stephan Brandlehner (AT), she’s a fast machine for sure.

Anyway, I’m boarding a train for Copenhagen on Monday morning, then it is a one-stop (Istanbul) flight to Antalya, where Murat the XCTurkey inventor will hopefully be waiting for me. I assume we’ll be in the air above the Anatolian steppes on Tuesday, and look forward to keeping you informed about our progress. Now if only I knew a little about the late September climate around those parts so I could pack my bag accordingly.

On another note, flying out for a fortnight of travelling, with full competition kit, is always a stressful endeavour. My bag weighs around 22 kg, give or take a few 100 g, and with a baggage allowance of 20 kg, AND the desire to change underwear once in a while, there’s just something that has got to give.

For this same reason I went and bought a cabin trolley a few years ago, you know, like the ones the air hostesses manage to make look sexy in a way. Except mine weighs 5.2 kg when empty, which means that once I have packed my chargers for all the electronics in it I’m already several kgs over the cabin baggage limit. Who makes a cabin trolley that weighs 5.2 kg?? They must be almost as dumb as someone who buys one!

All for now, be sure to check back in to see what amazing flights we’ll all be getting in Turkey!

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