Acro World Cup 2011: AcroOluDeniz

MONDAY 16 MAY 2011

Pal Takats interviews Horacio Llorens after his first run at the Acro World Cup in Turkey

Pal Takats won the Acro World Cup in Olu Deniz. The Hungarian pilot scored 271.6 after three runs, putting him just ahead of his synchro partner Gabor Kezi. Both pilots flew U-Turn Thrillers. Spain’s Felix Rodriguez was third, flying an Ozone FLX.

Pal’s final run: Esfera, Esfera, Rythmic SAT, Helico to Helico, Helico to SAT, MacTwist to Helico. Video:

Forty pilots took part in the comp, which was hit by rain and cloud for the first couple of days. With strong wind on take off the final task didn’t start until 3pm on Sunday and finished at sunset with Pal Takats as the last competitor.

Full results are on

Check for videos.

Pal Takats executing the Infinite Tumble on his way to winning the Acro World Cup. Illustration: A six-year-old fan

Pal Takats executing the Infinite Tumble on his way to winning the Acro World Cup. Illustration: A six-year-old fan

FRIDAY 13 MAY 2011

Brad Boughen is ‘only a beginner’ despite two years acro and 2,000 flights. See more video interviews and all the action at

The first leg of this year’s Acro World Cup has kicked off in Olu Deniz in Turkey. The comp lasts four days until 15 May, but bad weather spoilt play for day one on Thursday. However, that didn’t stop Pal Takats from being out and about with his video camera.

As well as many other international acro pilots he caught the first British pilot to enter the Acro World Cup on camera. Brad Boughen has over 2,000 flights from Babadag, the 1,800 mountain above Olu Deniz.

The comp will double as Turkey’s national acro competition, and offers prize money of €1,500 for the winner.

There are only two other legs of the Acro World Cup this year: Paranoia Acrobatixx in Austria in August will be a solo event, while AcroAustria, also in August, will be a synchro event.

Pal, Cross Country magazine‘s acro newshound, is blogging from Olu Deniz all weekend – keep up to date with him via

Competition website

Acro calendar 2011

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