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Roq’Acro: Tim Alongi is France’s new acro champion

Tim Alongi became France’s new paragliding acro champion, winning the French Championships during Roq’Acro at Roquebrune which took place from 29 October – 1 November 2016. The end-of-season bash, organised by Roquebrun’Ailes, took place on Cabbe beach under Mediterranean blue skies and sunshine. There was a friendly comp as well as the French championships, and fifty competitors, of which six were women, took part. […]

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Niviuk Klimber P

Niviuk release Klimber P – lightweight EN D

Niviuk have officially released the Klimber P, the wing Gavin McClurg used for the Alaska traverse in May 2016.  It’s the company’s first lightweight, high-performance EN-D wing, and they say it’s aimed at expert pilots wanting top performance in a lightweight package for hike-and-fly and vol-bivouac adventures. The Klimber P has an aspect ratio of 7 and a top speed […]

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Paramotor Red Pole

Video: Twins paramotor to Australia’s Red Pole

British twins Hugo and Ross Turner, along with photographer and guide Kestor Haynes, flew by paramotor to the centre of Australia in August 2016. They confirmed the exact location of the centre of Australia with he Australian government before setting off. It is northwest of Alice Springs in a remote part of the country known […]

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U-Turn Blackout+

U-Turn Blackout+ acro wing

“Dynamic with easy handling” and their “most balanced acro wing yet”, is how U-Turn describe the Blackout+. Prototypes were tested by U-Turn’s Acro Team pilots during the competition season, and tweaked so that the final version delivers dynamic and precise handling in a wing that is forgiving of errors. U-Turn say the Blackout+ is suitable for a wide range of pilots from […]

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Cross Country magazine gift subscription

Top 10 Christmas gifts for the pilot in your life

Looking for a present for a pilot? Here’s our top ten gift ideas list for paraglider, hang glider and paramotor pilots this Christmas 2016… Mastering Paragliding, £24.95 This top instructional book by paragliding guide Kelly Farina was published in 2016 and is receiving praise by pilots worldwide. In our opinion, it fills a big gap […]

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Icaro Gravis

Icaro Gravis: heart of the B-class

Icaro’s Gravis is a cross-country paraglider that they say fits right in the middle of the EN-B category. Icaro say it combines efficiency, performance and precision with excellent safety characteristics, and is suitable for pilots just entering the B category, as well as seasoned cross-country pilots. The Gravis will be available in five sizes from 2017. • Got […]

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hang glider calendar 2017

Hang Glider 2017 calendar now on sale!

SVS Designs’s 2017 Hangglider calendar went on sale on 25 November 2016. The A3 calendar contains photos from 48 pilots from all over the world, and can be bought online for €20, with discounts available for multiple purchases. • Got news? Send it to us at Subscribe to the world’s favourite hang gliding and paragliding […]

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Paragliding Salina Slănic Prahov

Flying Underground: PPG in a Romanian Salt mine

Romanian pilots Ionuț Riteș and Adrian Buzan flew their paramotors underground in a disused salt mine in Romania, earning them a ‘unique world record‘ for the ‘deepest paramotoring flight’. The flight, which took place on 22 March 2016, was at at 208m below sea level in the Prahova salt mine, 100km north of Bucharest. Salt has not been mined […]

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XContest birthday

Video: Happy birthday XContest!

XContest is celebrating ten years in 2017! The online hang gliding and paragliding cross-country flight platform has grown into a worldwide flight database and an invaluable resource to all pilots. 11,400 pilots registered flights on it in the 2016 season. This video, created by David Bzirský and Soňa Perglerová, was made for the Czech paragliding cup 2016 prizegiving ceremony, and then […]

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Brazil's paragliding world record team

The Dream Team: 564km PG World Record in Brazil

They did it again. Almost exactly a year to the day that the paragliding world record was set in Brazil, three pilots raised the bar once more with a huge flight of 564km on 13 October 2016. Elisa Eisenlohr spoke to the Brazilian Dream Team to find out how they did it.

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Learning to paramotor

Jeff Goin: ‘Flying is one thing, teaching is another…’

“So you want to teach? Flying is one thing. Teaching flying? Now that is another matter.” After flying for nearly two decades, Jeff Goin, author of the Powered Paragliding Bible, is finally training to be an instructor. He shares his essential tips for other wannabe gurus. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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Mitch Riley

Couchsurfer USA: Mitch Riley

“We can’t spend our whole life on the couch.” From Nepal to Alaska, US adventure pilot Mitch Riley never seems to stop moving. He tells us how he caught the travel bug – and how he navigates the trails less travelled. – Come on Red Bull X-Alps, Wildcard this guy! See what’s in the rest of […]

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Nora Martiny

There I Was… In a forest, in Indonesia

“Momentum meant the wing twisted very fast … one, two, three, five, many times, followed by a dive into auto-rotation.” When Nora Martiny had a paragliding accident in remote Sulawesi, she learned a vital lesson: always understand the risks before deciding to take them. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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GIN Explorer

News and New Products in XC176

GIN have announced that the lightweight Explorer is now in the final stages of the certification process. It’s a high-performance EN-B wing with an aspect ratio of 6.1, aimed at experienced cross-country pilots. This plus lots more latest news and new product news in Cross Country 176. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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Chi-Kyong Ha (KOR)

Red Bull X-Alps: An open letter to the rookies…

“Over the years, the event has become much more professional and I believe this is a great thing – but don’t let this detract from the fact that you should run your race true to you and to yourself.” Two-time X-Alps competitor Jon Chambers pens an open letter of advice to the rookies taking part […]

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Jack Pimblett

Naked Pilot: Jack Pimblett

“I first took flight when I was three, on the tandem with my Dad. I was hooked – and I started to reach up to the handles aged eight.” Eighteen-year-old young gun Jack Pimblett talks to us about infinity tumbles and his perfect year. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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Paramotoring on the Rio Doceq

Sweet River: Flying the length of the Rio Doce

In November last year, a catastrophic dam-burst led to an environmental disaster along Brazil’s beautiful Rio Doce. Lu Marini took to his paramotor to assess the damage from the air and expose the “hidden reality behind those who lost everything to mud”. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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Inside a paraglider

Icaristics: Bruce Goldsmith on the key to staying safe

“If a pilot feels his wing is super-safe this becomes a danger in itself, as he is more likely to push the limit. “Accident statistics show that a safer wing does not lead automatically to fewer accidents.” Bruce Goldsmith reveals his invaluable tips on staying safe and why the key to avoiding accidents is … […]

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Paragliding in New Zealand

Exploring Middle Earth: Vol-biv in New Zealand

“The sky was beautiful, with lovely cumuli. D-Day! Off we went, hopping from one valley to the next with Lord of the Rings scenery all around.” What’s it like to soar over a real-life Middle Earth? Antoine Girard and Benoit Outters flew the length of New Zealand’s Southern Alps – twice – to find out. […]

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Thunderstorm in Quixada

Meteorology: Surviving 13m/s cloudsuck in Brazil

What would you do if you were screaming skywards at 13m/s? Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek explains just what’s going on in big one cloud in Brazil. See what’s in the rest of Issue 176

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