Niviuk introduce the Roller, speedflying wing

Niviuk have added an EN-certified speedflying wing, the Roller, to their range. They say it’s a fast and versatile wing that can perform infinite turns, barrel rolls, swoops and carving, and fly in winds up to 70km/h. 

French Niviuk team pilot Julien Meyer says:

Using the trimmers during a nil-wind take-off, at first I was surprised at the acceleration of my Roller (size 14), which behaved like a small paraglider. But once I was flying and the trimmers were off it becomes a real speedflying wing with amazing accuracy and control! Barrel rolls become child’s play and you feel completely safe.

Niviuk say:

You deserve a wing like you: a free spirit, pushing the limits. Fly when you want and how you want – without losing altitude and even in strong wind conditions. Safety, a matter of principle. With a high degree of user-friendliness and manoeuvrability, you have precise control from take-off to a smooth landing.

The Roller is available in 14, 16, 18 and 20m² sizes for 60-90kg, 70-100kg, 80-110kg, 90-120kg.

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