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PWC Superfinal 2016

PWC Superfinal 2016: Aaron Durogati and Seiko Fukuoka win!

Aaron Durogati and Seiko Fukuoka won the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal 2016, which took place in Governador Valadares, Brazil, from 17-28 January 2017. A record ten tasks, ranging in distance from 79.4km to 112.4km, were held in the competition whose weather was described as “perfect”. Adrian Hachen (CH) was second, like Aaron also on a GIN Boomerang 11, and Charles Cazaux (FR) […]

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Ireland to Africa Ireland to Africa by paramotor

Oisín Creagh flew his paramotor from Ireland to Africa in August / September 2016, to raise awareness and funds for an African charity. His expedition has earned him a nomination for an award with Ireland’s Outsider magazine – the winners will be announced on 2 February 2016. The Irishman, who was dubbed ‘lawnmower man’ by Irish newspapers, planned and executed […]

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Sol Atmus 2

Sol Atmus 2: low-EN B paraglider

  The Atmus 2 is Sol’s latest EN-B paraglider, suitable for beginners and pilots moving up to the EN-B class. It will also suit occasional pilots in search of an excellent balance of easy flying characteristics with increased performance and high passive safety, Sol say. This second iteration of the Atmus is a bit lighter than […]

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Forbes Flatlands 2017

Forbes Flatlands 2017: Jonny Durand wins for 7th time

Jonny Durand won the Forbes Flatlands Hang Gliding Championships 2017 – his seventh Forbes victory!  The Australian competition took place from 30 December 2016 to 6 January 2017, in conditions described as “tremendous” by the organisers. Six good tasks were run, ranging from 139km to 226.6km. Gerolf Heinrichs came second and Andre Wolf third, and the top […]

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Ozone Chabre Open 2015 banner

Ozone Chabre Open 2017: registration opens 19 Feb

The 2017 Ozone Chabre Open will take place in Laragne-Monteglin, southern France, from 1-7 July 2017.  Registration opens at at 18.00 GMT (that’s 19.00 central European time) on Sunday 19 February. Organisers expect more applicants than there are places, and being among the first 125 to register will not necessarily secure you a place. Our aim is […]

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GIN Wide Open 2017

GIN Wide Open: Registration opens 29 Jan 2017

The 2017 GIN Wide Open friendly paragliding competition will be held in Krushevo, Macedonia, from 5-12 August. Online registration starts on 29 January and stays open for one week. However, the competition is always oversubscribed, and organisers warn that not all applicants will get a place. GWO’s Toby Colombé says: In recent years the GIN Wide Open […]

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Nova Phantom

Nova XC Challenge 2017: win a harness

For the third consecutive year, Nova are running an XC competition for pilots of their wings in 2017, with a brand new harness awarded to the winner of each category: Prion, Ion, Mentor, Phantom and Triton.  To take part, all you have to do is enter your flights on, ensuring that you correctly enter your […]

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PWC Superfinal 2017

PWC Superfinal 2016: Governador Valadares 17-28 January 2017

  The Paragliding World Cup Superfinal is in Governador Valadares, Brazil from 17-28 January 2017. 2015 superfinal winners Stefan Wyss (CH) and Seiko Fukuoka-Naville (FR) are in Brazil to defend their titles, along with current World and European champion, Honorin Hamard (FR) and a whole host of the world’s top paragliding stars. Philippe Broers is armed with his video […]

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Airfer Explorer 2

Airfer Explorer 2 paramotor frame

Airfer have upgraded their Explorer paramotor frame, making it more user-friendly and more robust. It’s available in titanium or stainless steel, and can take props of up to 130cm. The frame now clicks together with a push-button system – no retaining clips or Velcro to battle with – making it simpler to use and more aerodynamic. The frame […]

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Apco Play 42

Apco Play 42 PPG tandem: new colours

Apco’s Play 42 mk II tandem PPG wing has been revamped with a new top-surface design in a choice of five colours. The undersurface of the wing, which is designed for professionals as well as recreational pilots, is white, ready to take advertising logos. Apco describe the Play 42 as a safe and reliable wing that is very easy to launch […]

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Gradient Nevada 2 Light

Gradient Nevada 2 Light: EN B

Gradient have released a lightweight version of the EN-B Nevada 2, which offers a 1kg weight saving over the full-fat version and a smaller pack size. Gradient’s Nevada 2 and Nevada 2 Light are suitable for occasional and XC pilots, and Gradient say they offer good stability and glide performance with precise handling. The three-liner wing uses Gradient’s […]

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Nova Speedmax

Nova Speedmax 2: PPG wing

Nova say the Speedmax 2 is a fun and efficient high-performance paramotor wing for recreational and advanced pilots. Based on the high-B Mentor cross-country wing, they say the Speedmax 2 is fast with easy launch characteristics and forgiving flight behaviour. It has a soft-reflex profile, a flatter arc than the Mentor and a trimmer system, optimising it for motorised flying. A soft-reflex profile […]

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Miha Razinger wins paraglider in 2017 Subscriber Draw

And the winner is…. Miha Razinger! Miha Razinger from the UK won the Cross Country Prize Draw 2017, which was made at 12 noon GMT on Friday 13 January. He wins a new paraglider or paramotor wing of his choice from Aircross, Apco, Icaro Paragliders, GIN Gliders, Little Cloud, Mac Para, Nova, Ozone, Sky, Skywalk, or Sup’Air. Congratulations Miha! Jesse Shimrock from the USA was second out […]

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Apco Lift EU II

Apco release Lift EU II paratrike wing

Apco have released a new version of their Lift EU paratrike wing. It’s a full-reflex wing designed for European trikes with narrow hook-in points of 50-65 cm. It can take loads of up to 400kg. The Lift EU II is available in 400 and 450 versions (the number is the size in square-feet, which equates to […]

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UP Trango X-Race

UP’s 2017 X-Alps wing: Trango X-Race

UP have announced announced their Red Bull X-Alps wing for 2017. The Trango X-Race was born from the Trango XC3, and will be certified EN C (EN D in the S size). UP say it’s not only for the X-Alps – the X-Race is aimed at all sports class pilots looking for a light and performant wing for competition, […]

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Nova team colours 2017/18

Nova Team colours 2017/18

This red, white and lime colour scheme is what all Nova Team Pilots’ wings will look like in 2017/18. Team captain Till Gottbrath explains that Nova consider their team pilots as brand ambassadors, so they have unique wing colours, so that they can be easily recognised. Every second year, the colour scheme is changed. The new scheme has […]

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UP Summit XC4

UP Summit XC4: high-end EN B

UP Paragliders have announced their latest high-end EN B wing, the Summit XC4, will be shipping from early 2017, starting with the M size. It’s already flown some big distances in Brazil this season, the biggets we know about being German pilot Peter Hilger’s 338.6km, back in November 2016. UP say about the Summit XC4: UP test […]

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Garmin inReach

Garmin inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer

Garmin bought DeLorme in 2016, and have just released Garmin branded inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer handheld devices with inReach satellite communication. Featuring 100% global Iridium satellite coverage for two-way messaging anywhere in the world, the devices are equipped with an interactive SOS. This triggers an emergency response from GEOS, the 24/7 search and rescue monitoring centre, so users can […]

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Polini Thor 190 Evo

Polini Thor 190 Evo: powerful two-stroke engine

The Thor 190 Evo from Polini is a powerful two-stroke engine with “an excellent power-to-weight ratio”. The 193cc two-stroke engine weighs just 13.6kg. There are lots of design improvements, listed below, and it’s available in different versions with centrifugal clutch and electric start options. Piston with new profile, that improves the performance and reduce the wear of […]

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Epsilon 8 review

Review: Advance Epsilon 8 (EN B)

“The construction seems to be a great balance between performance, lightness and longevity. As Lotus do with cars, Advance have added a lot of lightness where it counts and solid engineering where strength is required.” Brian Steele gives his verdict on the latest incarnation of Advance’s EN B Epsilon. See what else is in Issue […]

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