Strong the Wind Blows: download Ben Jordan’s film

Ben Jordan is releasing a documentary about his 1,000km Canadian Rockies vol-bivouac traverse.

The film documents the 39-day, 1,000km “impossible” traverse across the Rockies in British Columbia in summer 2016, which you can read about in Kung Fu Calling, issue 177.

They said it couldn’t be done, that paragliding the width of British Columbia was not only impossible due to its inconsistent weather patterns, but also because of the many 100+km stretches of wilderness without landings along the way. Yet there I was, three weeks in, and more than halfway there.

The full, finished film will be released in November 2017, but from 24 April a pre-release version can be downloaded from the film’s website, the revenue from which will help fund the finishing touches – audio mastering, professional colour and multi-language translation.

Tom de Dorlodot has already seen the pre-release film, and wrote:

Bivvy is hard but sharing the experience gets even more complicated. Benjamin kept pushing and showed a beautifull attitude all the way. Simple, honest and authentic, this film depicts the true spirit of the real pioneers.

Watch out for Ben Jordan’s slot on the Cloudbase Mayhem podcasts in May 2017.

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