Polini Thor 80 motor updated

Polini Thor 80Polini have updated their smallest paramotor engine, the Thor 80.

They say it’s a compact but powerful engine with an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The new version weighs just 11.1kg, and features an advanced, performance-optimising air filter.

Polini Thor 80 diagram

The Thor 80 has an aluminium cylinder, a displacement of 86cc and a power of 17.2HP for 10,450rpm.

Polini say a nickel-siliceous coating on the barrel greatly improves wear and abrasion resistance. It has a liquid cooling system, a dry clutch, and an exhaust system with a round light alloy silencer. Silent blocks, made from ERGAL ultra-light alloy, reduce vibrations.

Polini Thor 80

The engine is fitted with a CHT temperature sensor, and uses the same fixing points as the rest of the Polini Thor range.

Customers have choice of the Walbro carburettor, or the Polini CP, which has a manual pump and a fuel recovery tank makes it easy to empty fuel from the bowl for transport. RRP is €2.320 (+VAT) with the Walbro carburettor, or €2.290 (+VAT) with the Polini.

Polini say their Thor engines are 100% Made in Italy, and are individually bench-tested before leaving the factory.


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