Triple Seven’s EN-B Knight is ready!

777 Knight

Triple Seven have announced that their EN-B Knight is now available, and that it’s, “the nicest wing in the category we have ever flown”. 

It’s aimed at “typical EN-B” pilots, and it’s,

A classic Triple Seven paraglider, with much more performance than you would expect in its class, with very direct, responsive handling, and buckets of passive safety for when the going gets rough.

It fills the gap between the Pawn and the Rook 2 in the Triple Seven range, and will be available in four sizes, S (65-80kg), MS (75-95kg), ML (90-110kg) and L (105-125kg) and three colours.

Design-wise, the Knight sports features such as mini-ribs in the trailing edge and Triple Seven’s Back Position Air Intakes. They say it has a long speed system travel, and direct, progressive handling.

Triple Seven dealers will begin supplying the MS Knights from mid-June 2017, with the rest of the sizes following shortly thereafter.


777 Knight specs

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