ITV announce Boxer 2: beginner PG and PPG wing

ITV Boxer 2

ITV have released the “exceptionally easy” Boxer 2. It’s made for free-flight and PPG beginners, and is EN-A and DGAC certified.

With three risers on each side and few lines ITV say it’s easy to sort on launch, and then it’s very easy to launch, too. Despite having long brake travel, ITV say steering is precise and speed and glide have both improved over those of the original Boxer.

The Boxer 2 comes with trimmer risers and a power kit to enable it to be easily switched from PPG to paragliding mode. With trimmers activated, ITV say the Boxer 2 has a very efficient semi-reflex profile and much increased speed range.
ITV Boxer 2 power kitSizes S (23m²), M (26m²) and L (29m²) are ready (September 2017) and XS and XL are expected to be ready by November 2017. The four colours can all be seen in the top photo.

ITV Boxer

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