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Rafael Saladini

PWC Brazil 2017: Brazilians win top 5 places

  Rafael Saladini won the Brazilian round of the 2017 PWC that finished at Pico do Gavião on 9th September. The top five places were all won by Brazilian pilots. The women’s event was dominated by Italy’s Silvia Buzzi Ferraris, who also finished third female at the World Championships in Italy in July. Seven tasks […]

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ITV Boxer 2

ITV announce Boxer 2: beginner PG and PPG wing

ITV have released the “exceptionally easy” Boxer 2. It’s made for free-flight and PPG beginners, and is EN-A and DGAC certified. With three risers on each side and few lines ITV say it’s easy to sort on launch, and then it’s very easy to launch, too. Despite having long brake travel, ITV say steering is […]

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European Paramotor Championships 2017

Alex Mateos is European Paramotor Champion 2017

Husband-and-wife duo Alexandre and Marie Mateos were first and second in the 6th FAI European Paramotor Championships that were held in Břeclav, Czech Republic, from 19-26 August 2017.  There was no separate women’s prize, so Alex is European Paramotor Champion and Marie vice-champion. France took all three podium spots, Pierre Lefebvre being the bronze medal winner in […]

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Apco Chairbag

Apco’s Chairbag V reversible harness

Apco have updated their Chairbag reversible paraglider harness, unveiling the Chairbag V. The harness is an open type, with a full-width polycomb lightweight seatboard and Cygnus airbag protection that extends down the back and under the seat. Apco say it has an improved reserve container from which the reserve can be deployed more easily, with […]

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Nova Mentor 5 Light

Nova announce lightweight Mentor 5

The lightweight version of Nova’s EN-B Mentor 5 is out now. It’s 25% lighter than the Mentor 5, and packs down small (with no need for fussy concertina-packing – bonus!) Nova say they see the Mentor 5 Light as an everyday wing, and offer it with the same three-year guarantee as the rest of their range, as […]

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