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Lift off ... part of the cover from issue 1, spring 1988

Lift off … part of the cover from issue 1, spring 1988

Cross Country was established in 1988 by Sherry Thevenot, an artist who married into the hang gliding scene and wanted to reflect the spirit of free flight through magazines.

The magazine somehow just slotted right in, and it has grown ever since – it is now read by paraglider and hang glider pilots in 75 countries. It’s always been edited and owned by pilots, and always will be. In between Sherry Thevenot and Ed Ewing, editors have included Hugh Miller, Ian Blackmore and Bob Drury.

In early 2012 we thought long and hard about Cross Country’s direction. With so much content for free nowadays, we knew we were taking a risk by investing in high quality print, photography and editorial.

But we upped our game, and did just that. We positioned Cross Country as a high quality journal of free flying. Our new design layout is more elegant, and simpler – and much more readable than ever before.

Above all, the experience of flying deserves a really high quality publication. And we all know there are plenty of days when we need a substitute for our first love.

The business

Cross Country International publishes Cross Country Magazine 10 times a year, plus the annual Cross Country Travel Guide, which goes out free to all subscribers. We also publish books: 50 Ways to Fly Better, Paramotoring: The Essential Guide, Classic Routes and most recently, Mastering Paragliding.

We also serve pilots worldwide through xcshop.com, supplying books and and other products. In fact we’re a large international wholesaler, so if you’d like us to distribute your product do drop us a line – we’d welcome it. In addition to xcshop.com, we distribute to over 100 shops and schools worldwide.

The company

We think Cross Country is essential reading for all pilots who want to fly better and safer.

With contributors like Bruce Goldsmith, Kelly Farina and Honza Rejmanek, Cross Country gives the absolute latest knowledge in this fast-moving sport.

Cross Country’s reviews aim to get under the skins of the newest gliders to help you make a more informed choice. We also review harnesses, instruments and other essential new gear.

However, Cross Country’s soul is in the adventure and freedom of flying. As pilots, it’s a passion we share, and our magazine serves like a campfire that we can all gather around to swap stories.

Whether it’s intoxicating tales from Brazil or the Himalayas, first-hand accounts of record-breaking flights or simple stories of unexpected moments in this extraordinary sport, Cross Country aims to convey that feeling of being up there, in the moment, doing what we adore.

Meanwhile, correspondents bring news, reviews, opinion and insightful comment on the latest happenings in the free flying world.

Subscribe if you can, and support the only international free flying magazine.

Meet the team

Cross Country is a reader-supported international publication and is available through subscription only. We publish 10 issues a year in print and digital. Subscribe to Cross Country.