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Paragliding World Record 2015

Brazilians set new 513km Paragliding World Record

Frank Brown, Donizete Lemos and Marcelo Prieto set a new paragliding world record on Friday 9 October 2015 with a 513km flight across the Brazilian north east. Launching from Tacima at 6.20am they spent the next 11 hours in the air, flying together for most of the way. Launching with the paraglider pilots, Glauco Pinto […]

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Konrad Heilmann claims South American HG records

On 18 August 2015 Konrad Heilmann flew a 208km triangle from Jaragua, Goias (Brazil), on a Moyes Litespeed RX 3.5, breaking two South American records if his claim is ratified. Konrad, who owns Rio Hang Gliding school, flew the triangle at an average speed of 36km/h. He has filed claims for speed over a triangular […]

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Paramotoring the Tiete

Tracing the Tiete: Paramotoring in Brazil

Lu Marini flies the length of one of Brazil’s most industrialised rivers… Lu Marini is a Brazilian TV adventurer with a passion for flight. His previous paramotor expeditions have seen him fly 3,000km along the length of Brazil’s coastline, and explore the Amazon. Last year, looking for a new challenge and a new motivation, he […]

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Pre-European HG Championships 2015

Hang Gliding World and European Championship dates

CIVL have announced that a Class 5 World championships event will take part in Krusevo, Macedonia, from 16 to 30 July 2016, at the same time and on the same site as the European Class 1 Championships. The practice event will take place on August 16 to 23, 2015, and is open to Class 1 and […]

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Fly With Dustin

Flying with Dustin: On tour in Brazil

What could be better than going on a guided tour of Brazil? Doing it with hang gliding world record holder Dustin Martin, that’s what. In issue 158 of Cross Country magazine Stein Gjosund goes all-in Seeing the world, and flying it. That is what I want. And that is why I left the narrow path […]

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Donizete Lemos

Tacima rocks: Brazilian 2014 paragliding season roundup

Donizete Lemos flew 478km in Brazil on 5 November – making it the second longest flight ever flown by paraglider. His flight is the longest in what has so far been a storming season in South America, with numerous 300km flights and several big 400km whoppers. Donizete flew from Tacima in the north east of […]

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Tom Weissenberger lifts the trophy. Photo: ABVL

Tom Weissenberger wins Brazilian Hang Gliding Nationals

Tom Weissenberger led a trio of Moyes Boys to win the Brazilian Nationals in Brasilia last week. Tom won four of six tasks to win the comp with 4,597 points. He was just ahead of Jonny Durand on 4,477, who won the other two tasks. Third place was Rafael Strohschoen Do Mello. All three pilots […]

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Looking back along the Christ Run to launch near Pedra Bonita, the flat-topped mountain. Photo: Nader Couri

Guide to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Come to Rio for spectacular, year-round flying in one of the world’s great cities

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Still from Brett Hazlett's Superfinal 2013 Brazil video

Video: Never Come Down by Brett Hazlett

  Brett Hazlett’s latest film is a five-minute vision of heaven at the PWC Superfinal in Governador Valadares. In it you’ll see him measure with laser-accuracy the length of his trailing edge, then post to the DHV forum about it from his iPhone while thermalling with 120 of the world’s best pilots. What? What’s that? […]

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Paragliding in Quixada, Brazil

Guide to Quixada, Brazil

If you can cope with the gusty launch, you can go a long, long way

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Racing above the lush green rolling hills of Governador Valadares, with the town and launch in the background. Photo: Martin Scheel

Guide to Governador Valadares, Brazil

Smooth, reliable climbs to a warm cloudbase, over a rolling landscape of green hills that extends as far as the eye can see – what’s not to like about Governador Valadares?

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The Enzo 2. Photo: Ozone

Paragliding World Cup Superfinal 2013: Ozone say sorry for the Enzo 2 controversy

‘This was a mistake, and we apologise for that’ ‘PWC under great pressure to ban Enzo 2 pilots – we wanted to support them’ ‘We were confident that the length of the trailing edge did not change the wing’s conformity’ ‘The wing still conforms to its original certification’ ‘We particularly need to apologise to all […]

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Paragliding World Cup Superfinal 2013: Superfinal Finishes With a Bang

Francisco Javier Reina Lagos wins the Superfinal 2013 Keiko Hiraki wins the Women’s Ozone wins the Team Class France wins the Nations After 10 tasks, Spain’s Francisco Javier Reina Lagos came out top dog, while Joachim Oberhauser (IT) finished second and France’s Stephane Drouin was in third. All three pilots were flying Ozone Enzo 2s. […]

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Boomtime in Brazil. Photo: Felix Wolk

Big days roll in as Quixada sees great conditions and multiple 400km flights

Quixada in north east Brazil is experiencing a record-breaking paragliding season, with many pilots breaking the 400km mark in the past three weeks. Alex Coltman is one of the latest pilots to grab a big flight in Quixada, north east Brazil, with a 369km XC flight on Tuesday 19 November. The distance is the longest […]

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Paragliding in Quixada, Brazil. Photo: Felix Wolk

Chasing the Tiger Line in Brazil

When you’re faced with a tiger in the flatlands of Brazil what do you do? Turn and run the other way or stare it down and fly faster?

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Seiko Fukuoka, photographed in Brazil in November 2012. Photo: Felix Wolk

In issue 145: Seiko Fukuoka

In November Seiko set a new women’s world record by flying 338km from Quixada in north east Brazil. Felix Wolk was there…

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David Seib remembered

Moyes remember David Seib

Moyes remember David Seib, a very close friend who died in a hang gliding accident at the Brazilian Nationals

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Classic Routes from XCmag

Classic Routes: The World’s Best XC Routes

Classic Routes is the beautiful new paragliding and hang gliding book from the makers of Cross Country magazine

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Olympio Faissol on launch in Brazil

Brazil’s Best Sites, with Olympio Faissol

Brazilian flatland guru Olympio Faissol reveals the best places to fly in Brazil and when – with advice on flying far and long for paraglider and hang glider pilots

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Tributes have been paid to Brazilian hang glider pilot Enio Wilson, who tragically died during the last task of his country's Nationals on 27 August

Tributes paid to Enio Wilson

Tributes have been paid to Enio Wilson, who tragically died at the Brazilian Hang Gliding Nationals

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