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Paragliding Italian volcanoes. Photo: Felix Woelk

Inferno: Felix Woelk paraglides live volcanoes

“Reaching the edge, the huge crater opened before our eyes. What a venomous throat, a toxic boiling bowl. Steams, fumes and smog came out of the slots and crevasses that opened up to poisonous red ground. It was definitely time to leave.” Felix Woelk cycles across southern Italy to fly live volcanoes with his friends. […]

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Paragliding in Quixada, Brazil. Photo: Felix Wolk

Chasing the Tiger Line in Brazil

When you’re faced with a tiger in the flatlands of Brazil what do you do? Turn and run the other way or stare it down and fly faster?

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Felix Wolk touches down in Spain. Photo: Felix Wolk

Forever Young: Felix Wolk flies Castejon de Sos, Spain

Follow Felix Wolk as he rolls down to Spain to fly the endless winds of the Pyrenees.

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Felix Wolk

In Issue 147: Felix Wolk on the cover

Felix Wolk is the pilot on the front cover of the latest issue of Cross Country magazine.

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Seiko Fukuoka, photographed in Brazil in November 2012. Photo: Felix Wolk

In issue 145: Seiko Fukuoka

In November Seiko set a new women’s world record by flying 338km from Quixada in north east Brazil. Felix Wolk was there…

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Gauchos in Argentina. Photo: Felix Wolk

In issue 141: Chasing the dark in Sierra Velasco: Shadowline

Enormous climbs, flying in the dark, soaring with white-feathered condors and partying with gauchos. Felix Woelk discovers Argentina

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Paragliding in Jordan: Fire in the Desert

A Jordanian desert paragliding adventure. Words and photos by Felix Wölk

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Shoot to Thrill: The wing mount for hang gliders

Ace hang gliding photographer Felix Wolk shows us how to rig a camera for that most classic of hang gliding perspectives, the wing mounted shot.

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