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ITV Boxer 2

ITV announce Boxer 2: beginner PG and PPG wing

ITV have released the “exceptionally easy” Boxer 2. It’s made for free-flight and PPG beginners, and is EN-A and DGAC certified. With three risers on each side and few lines ITV say it’s easy to sort on launch, and then it’s very easy to launch, too. Despite having long brake travel, ITV say steering is […]

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ITV Dolpo 3

ITV release EN-A Dolpo 3, for free or powered flight

ITV have released a new EN-A paraglider for the 2016 season: It’s called the Dolpo 3, and is suitable for both paragliding and paramotoring. The company, who are based near lake Annecy in France, say the Dolpo 3 is a well-behaved and comfortable wing, ideal for beginners. It’s easy to inflate and launch, with good performance and speed […]

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ITV Jedi 2

ITV Jedi 2 – EN B / C paraglider

ITV have announced that the Jedi 2 is now certified in all sizes, for free-flight and paramotor use. An evolution of the first Jedi, ITV say the new version has much better performance and exemplary behaviour in thermals. They add that it is pleasant to fly, and its speedbar offers a significant speed increase without significantly degrading glide. Sizes S, […]

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ITV Billy

ITV Billy, paramotor wing review

The first thing that crossed my mind when handed this wing to review was “Why call it Billy?” ITV head honcho Heniu Dyduch didn’t really help, cryptically saying: “It’s a joke, between friends, you had to be there to understand.” He did go on to say “this kind of name works well, everybody remembers it, […]

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ITV’s speed riding wing, the Pil-Pit 3

ITV’s new speed riding wing, the Pil-Pit 3, is out, “pure pleasure, accessible to a broad range of pilots”.

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Annecy 360 degree panorama from paramotor

360-degree paramotorist’s eye view of Lake Annecy in autumn

360-degree view of an autumnal Lake Annecy from onboard a paramotor with ITV

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ITV's new 40m2 tandem, the Manitoba

ITV Manitoba tandem paraglider

ITV’s new performance tandem paraglider, the Manitoba, is just waiting for the weather to undergo certification tests for EN B.

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What’s in XC131: the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Cross Country

‘XC131: the mountain issue’ with a FREE A2 colour poster that explains how valley winds work. Inside its 84 glossy colour pages is: How to fly the mountains, Infinite Tumbling a tandem paraglider, the hang gliding Euro Champs, the Ozone Delta, ITV Awak, wind gradients, pod harnesses and so much more. Subscribe at

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Up close and personal with ITV’s Bip-Bip mini paraglider

In the latest video from Vimeo user ‘Frigorifix’, viewers are taken up (very) close to ITV’s mini paraglider the Bip-Bip, as pilots enjoy some gentle high-wind coastal fun.

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ITV Parapentes’ new website

French paraglider manufacturer ITV have spent the long winter months improving and relaunching their website,, which is available in English or French.

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ITV Bip-Bip speed flying paraglider

ITV are developing a new speed flying paraglider: the Bip-Bip will be slightly less performant than the Awak and therefore accessible to a wider range of pilots.

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ITV mini tandem paraglider, the Awak 33

French paraglider manufacturer ITV have released a tandem version of their mini wing, the Awak, certified EN B up to 180 kg and EN C to 220 kg.

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ITV Pil Pit2 speed flying paraglider

ITV‘s highly acclaimed speed flying wing, the Pil Pit, has been replaced by the Pil Pit2 which has already been seen out carving the Alpine slopes. Michaël Regnier has been out this summer and autumn refining and tuning the Pil-Pit 2, which retains the distinctive Pil-Pit 1 profile, but has a tightened-up trailing edge. This, […]

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ITV Awak

ITV have just received EN certification of their new mini wing, the 18 m² Awak, and say that it flies very well!

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New ITV wings

ITV have no less than three new wings in the offing: The Lapoon is an EN C certified sports wing with a semi reflex profile, for both free flying and paramotoring . ITV describe the Lapoon as a fast wing with good performance and handling and a high level of safety. The EN B Dolpo […]

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