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Paraglider in a tree

Simon Houston: Letter from Manilla…

“I was 150 metres over the trees. The glider spun and dived steeply – there wasn’t a lot of wing flying and generally it didn’t look healthy….” Simon Houston recounts his experience chucking his washing, with some valuable dos and don’ts. Best pack a tree rescue kit! See what’s in Cross County 173, September 2016

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World’s longest paragliding task: 214km at the Kiwi Open

Thirty-two pilots made goal at 214km in the world’s longest paragliding task at the New Zealand Paragliding Open 2016 on 13 February 2016.

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XC-Open World Series logo

XC-Open World Series 2012: registration open

Pilot registration for the first two 2012 XC-Open World Series competitions is open

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Manilla XC Camp 2011: Battle hots up

It’s hot in Manilla as temperatures reach 40C and distances go to 200km and beyond

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Manilla XC-Camp 2011: Register now

Part of the XC-Open World Series, the Manilla XC-Camp will take place from 24 January to 3 February 2011. Registration is free, as is the online scoring: you simply fly as far as you can from Mount Borah, between these dates.

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Ozone’s Mike Cavanagh wins both Open and Serial class of XC Open Manilla

Ozone managing director Mike Cavanagh has won both the serial and open class of the XC Open competition in Manilla aboard a Mantra M3 serial class paraglider.

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Manilla Open 2008 video

Riaan Nieuwoudt’s video of the XC Open in Manilla (9-16 Feb 2008) is here: Turn up the volume, and enjoy…

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Enda Murphy: Who’s afraid of the Irish wolf?

On Thursday 31 January 2002, Enda Murphy and Rhett Rockman (Aussie Paragliding Champion) broke the triple from Manilla’ Mt Borah, Australia. They flew together for 301 km

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Rhett Rockman: Australian national paragliding champion 2002

Australian national paragliding champion Rhett Rockman answers the questions

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Craig Collings wins Australian Paragliding Open 2001

Godfrey Wenness reports from the 2001 Australian Paragliding Open

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Manilla Monsoon: New Zealand National Championships 1999

The New Zealand Open Championships 1999 kicked off under a threatening sky, with over development on course and rain close by

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