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Simon Oberrauner (AUT4) seen during the Red Bull X-Alps at Pass Turlo, Italy on July 11, 2017. // Sebastian Marko/Red Bull Content Pool

Getting to grips with Mental Block

“Your hands are sweating and your heart is already racing when you take your wing out and get it ready to launch.” We’ve all experienced mental block when faced with the prospect of taking to the air, but we can all conquer it, too. Pilot and psychotherapist Antti Joensuu explains how to get into the […]

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The Head Game: Understanding free-flight psychology

Flying like we do is the ultimate confidence trick – and we play it on ourselves. Matt Warren takes a look at what’s going on inside our heads It’s all too easy to only think about paragliding as something physical. Buy the right equipment, develop the right skills and that 200km flight is yours for […]

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Paragliding surfer or hang gliding guru? What sort of pilot are you?

What sort of pilot are your? Cross Country’s psychology department looks at different paragliding and hang gliding personalities and questions why we fly the way we fly

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How to choose a paraglider: The honest choice

Paragliding and hang gliding world champion Rob Whittall on what should influence you when choosing a new paraglider

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Peter Brinkeby: When nothing else matters

Paragliding and hang gliding is a head game. And nothing proves it like competition. Peter Brinkeby (SWE) was first placed pilot in the 2001 Paragliding World Cup series until the final round. And then it all started to go wrong…

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