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Sky Apollo Bi

Sky Apollo Bi tandem cross-country paraglider

Sky’s latest tandem, the Apollo Bi, is an EN-C glider for cross-country pilots.  It’s part of Sky’s Sport-Line of wings, and is intended for the recreational rather than the commercial market, so the design priorities were different than for the Metis 3. Designer Alexandre Paux explains: “Traditionally, when I create a tandem glider, I pay a […]

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Win a paraglider in the Cross Country Prize Draw 2017

Fancy a brand new paraglider for 2017? Then you are in luck – it’s time for the annual Cross Country Magazine Prize Draw. Your chance to win a paraglider, simply by being a subscriber to Cross Country. What do I have to do? All you have to do is hold a valid subscription for the […]

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Sky Eyrie Light PG rucksack

Part of Sky’s Light Line series of gear, the Eyrie Light is a 95 litre rucksack that weighs just 750g, built for serious hiking. It comes from the full-fat Eyrie, which is 1.4kg, so at 750g is significantly lighter. It’s made from strong and light materials in a slim design with dual density carrying straps and ‘on […]

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Sky’s PPG touring wing, the Flux

Czech company Sky Paragliders have unveiled their new PPG wing – the Flux. It’s a touring wing, with a soaring pedigree but designed for powered flying. They say it’s an easy-to-fly wing with pleasant handling and good efficiency, as much at home engine-off thermalling as fast-cruising the skies under power, trimmers off, eating up the kilometres. The Flux […]

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Sky Exos

Sky announce new EN-C Exos

Sky have announced a new EN-C paraglider, the Exos. They say it’s “true to its class” and not overly demanding to handle. Designed for experienced cross-country pilots, Sky say the Exos offers good performance and precise handling. A three-liner, the Exos has a flat aspect ratio of 6.4 and 65 cells. It features Sky’s Leading Edge Optimisation (LEO) […]

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Sky Appollo review

Paraglider review: Sky Apollo, EN B

“Brake pressure is perhaps 70% of that of the Mentor 4, and the hybrid hard brake handles add to the directness of feel: it all adds up to an ‘advanced’ character,” writes Hugh Miller, reviewing the Sky Apollo. See what’s in Cross County 173, September 2016

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Sky Skylighter 3 pod harness

Skylighter 3 cross-country race harness

The Skylighter 3 is Sky’s new cross-country racing pod harness. Sky have designed this harness for all cross-country pilots, and it’s very adjustable (they call it Easy Custom Tuning (ECT)) so that it can be adapted to suit each pilot’s preferences. For instance, it comes with a carbon composite seat plate, but you can remove […]

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Sky Apollo

Sky Apollo – high-end EN B paraglider

Sky have unveiled their new high-end EN-B paraglider – the Apollo. They say it’s dripping with the latest technology and set to be a class-leader. Aimed at experienced pilots, Sky say it offers the ultimate performance, sublime handling and easy launch characteristics. The Apollo is a three-line design with narrow upper lines and an aspect ratio of […]

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Sky Gii3 harness

Sky Gii 3 series paraglider harnesses

Sky have overhauled and updated their Gii harness series of accessible harnesses, suitable for beginners upwards. The Gii 3 series harnesses are now available. Sky say the Gii 3 series stand for light weight, durability, comfort and safety, all blended into an uncluttered design – a versatile solution for many disciplines. Just some of the new features are the […]

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Sky Anakis 3 (EN A) Review

Ed Ewing grabs the ‘100K on an EN A’ Challenge Cup My first flight on the Sky Anakis 3 was on a low windy hill in the south of England. The place was empty apart from two guys carving fast loops in the air with their model gliders. “It might calm down for you lot, […]

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Sky Gii2 Alpha harness

Sky Gii2 Alpha paraglider harness

Sky’s Gii2 Alpha is an EN / LTF certified harness with foam back protection, part of Sky’s Gii2 range of harnesses designed for schools, tandem passengers and pilots looking for a simple, light and durable harness.   The Gii2 harnesses are light, compact and comfortable, say Sky, and offer the pilot balanced handling and measured feedback. The Gii2 […]

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Sky Anakis 3

Sky Anakis 3: EN A paraglider

Sky’s Anakis 3 is a beginner/intermediate paraglider, certified EN A and designed for optimum safety with usable performance and great handling for the low airtime pilot. Sky say: We have enhanced and refined all aspects of the Anakis 2 to bring you a genuinely new glider, which we believe will become a benchmark design forging its own new […]

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In issue 143: Skywalk’s Cayenne 4 and Sky’s Antea 2, both EN C

Issue 143 of Cross Country magazine features reviews of Sky’s Antea 2 (EN C) and Skywalk’s Cayenne 4 (EN C).

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The Antea 2 is Sky's new EN C paraglider

Sky Antea 2 EN C paraglider

The Antea 2 is Sky’s new EN C wing, designed for “cross country pilots looking for high performance”.

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Sky Paragliders' Excite 3 performance harness

Sky Paragliders’ certified Excite 3 harness

The Excite 3 is an EN-certified sport and competition harness from Sky, with a detachable speed bag

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Sky Paragliders’ Reverse 2 reversible harness

A new lightweight reversible harness from Sky Paragliders.

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Sky's new two-line competition paraglider, the Eos

Sky Eos two-line competition paraglider

Sky have a new two-line competition paraglider for the coming season, the Eos.

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Sky's new Gaia 3 is certified EN / LTF B

Two dedicated school paragliders from Sky

Czech manufacturer Sky have two new paragliders for school use: The EnN A Fides 3 and EN B Gaia.

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The Sky Revel 2

Sky release the Revel 2 and Axel 2 paragliding harnesses

Sky have improved the ever-popular Revel and now bring us the Revel 2 harness.

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The Sky Eris 3

Sky Eris 3: New competition paraglider

The ERIS 3 is the third generation of the high performance competition wing from Sky.

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