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Guide to Aguergour and Ait Ourir, Morocco

Guide to Aguergour and Ait Ourir, Morocco

Aguergour in Morocco is an affordable winter retreat for weatherbeaten European free fliers Read >>

Guide to Greolieres, France

Guide to Greolieres, France

Come to the sunny south of France, a little corner of the Maritime Alps with a protected microclimate and year-round flying Read >>

Guide to Quixada, Brazil

Guide to Quixada, Brazil

If you can cope with the gusty launch, you can go a long, long way Read >>

The Cross Country International Travel Guide is published every year and features in-depth information to some of the best-know flying sites around the globe. Where they are, when to go and how to fly the classic routes are all included.

Volume 5: Travel Guide 2016

Paragliding travel guide


Daydreaming turns into reality every time we take off in our sports – and the new Cross Country International Travel Guide is all about making those dreams come true.

Our latest 100-page international travel guide visits and updates some old favourites but also uncovers some exciting new places, providing information and inspiration in equal measure.

Each entry is researched and fact-checked – usually by people who know the site the best: the locals who live and fly there.

In brief, the Cross Country Travel Guide 2016 covers:

  • European winter escapes
  • Bright in Australia
  • Ager in Spain
  • The Azores
  • Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Annecy’s secret spots
  • Stress free competitions
  • Governador Valadares, Brazil
  • Dune du Pyla, France
  • Island hopping through the Med
  • Unknown Brazil
  • Macedonia
  • Hidden gems of the Cote d’Azur
  • The best paramotor fly-ins for 2016
  • Himalayan getaways
  • Hike-and-fly events
  • Paragliding and paramotoring in Thailand
  • Gavin McClurg’s guide to flying the Red Bull X-Alps
  • And a year in the life of US hang gliding star Jamie Shelden

The incredible cover photo is by pro photographer Felix Woelk and is from an expedition he made in eastern Tanzania.

Available to buy (free p&p) in the XCShop or digitally.

Volume 4: Travel Guide 2015



In 2015 we selected several major destinations – from Annecy in France to Manilla in Australia to the Dolomites in Italy – which are pilot honeypots, sites known for their good conditions and pilot-friendly infrastructure. We’ve explored them in depth, talking to the locals and getting the lowdown on how to fly there.

Plus we’ve taken dozens more sites and presented them in snapshot form. How about the manmade soaring hill in Abu Dhabi? Soaring Pacific air on Oahu? Flight parks of the USA? Acro heaven in Spain? Going XC in Haiti? Flying the magical islands of the Azores?

The result is a beautiful special edition that showcases the very best of what our sports have to offer around the world. Presented in the same style as the magazine, with the very best photography and an easy-on-the-eye layout it is designed to provide inspiration to pilots throughout the year.

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Volume 3: Travel Guide 2014/15

Cross Country Travel Guide 2014-15

Cross Country Travel Guide 2014-15

Packed full of information and stunning photographs the Cross Country Travel Guide 2014/15 features some of the very best hang gliding and paragliding sites on Earth.

 With contributions from pilots on the ground who really know it includes unique guides to 24 internationally-famous sites, including:

Kerio Valley, Kenya; Roldanillo, Colombia; Cape Town, South Africa; Salzburg, Austria; Glen Coe, Scotland; Annecy, France; Manteigas, Portugal; Kobarid, Slovenia; Golden, Canada; Sun Valley, USA; Combe Gibbet, England; Azores Islands; Ager, Spain; St Hilaire, France; Linzhou, China; Canungra, Australia; Gangtok, Sikkim; Tenerife, Spain; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Torrey Pines, California; Roquebrun, Monaco; Greifenberg, Austria; Lovcen, Montenegro; Bariloche, Argentina.

This A5 format magazine can be easily taken on your travels and contains 108 pages printed on the same stock as Cross Country to the same high standards. The result is a must-have read for every pilot and comes free with Cross Country Magazine subscriptions. The perfect travel companion.

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Volume 2: Travel Guide 2012/13

Cross Country Travel Guide 2012-13

Cross Country Travel Guide 2012-13

The 100 page 2012/13 Travel Guide from Cross Country magazine features in-depth guides to 24 of the best flying sites around the world including the Alps, the USA, South America, Mexico, Australasia and Asia.

Including: Kamshet, India; Wanaka, New Zealandl Zaachila and Fortin de las Flores, Mexico; Bright, Australia; Marshall, USA; Dune de Pyla, France; Garmisch, Austria; Flight parks, Florida; Lake Garda, Italy; Tolmin, Slovenia; El Yelmo, Spain; Mayrhofen, Austria; Woodrat, USA; Voss, Norway; Sopot, Bulgaria; Cervinia, Italy; Castejon de Sos, Spain; Pamukkale, Turkey; Greolieres, France; Col Rodella, Italy; Taining, China; La Palma, Canary Islands; Traslasierra, Argentina; Nid d’Aigle, Morocco

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Volume 1: Travel Guide 2010/11

Cross Country Travel Guide 2010-11

Cross Country Travel Guide 2010-11

With contributions from some of the best pilots in the world the 2010/11 Travel Guide includes unique guides to 23 internationally-famous sites, including:

Cusco, Peru; Laragne, France; Chamonix, France; Chelan, Washington; Kossen, Austria; Verbier, Switzerland; Jackson Hole, USA; Piedrahita, Spain; Interlaken, Switzerland; Andalucia, Spain; St Andre, France; Annecy, France; Owens Valley, USA; Oludeniz, Turkey; Bir / Billing, India; Quixada, Brazil; Porterville and Wilderness, South Africa; Aguergour and Ait Ourir, Morocco; Pokhara, Nepal; Manilla, Australia; Governador Valadares, Brazil; Bassano, Italy

As well as the ‘Get high, go far’ secrets revealed in the site guides, there are articles on going lightweight, travelling with your hang glider by Jeff O’Brien, travel gear and technology.

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