Didi Siglbauer wins Gradient wing in Hikeandfly-XC comp

HIke-and-fly 2014 Gradient

Gradient boss Ondrej Dupal awards Didi Siglbauer his prize of a new Gradient glider, for first place in the Hikeandfly-XC competition 2014. Photo: Michel Ferrer

German pilot Dietmar (Didi) Siglbauer won first prize of a brand new Gradient wing in the Hikeandfly-XC competition 2014. He was awarded his prize at the Stubai Cup on 8 March 2015.

The Hikeandfly-XC competition runs over a calendar year, and is scored by Leonardo using the same scoring rules. Each pilot’s top six flights count – four of Didi’s flights were over 200km.

His longest flight was a 12-hour, 222km triangle from Hochfelln in Germany, taking in the scenery of Mayrhofen (AT) before heading home via an easterly turnpoint at Goldegg (DE).

The Swing team pilot flew an EN B Mistral 7, and also topped the German cross-country league table for 2014. Congratulations Didi!

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