Karpofly Arrow X-Alps 4 paraglider harness

Karpofly Arrow X-Alps

Czech harness manufacturer Karpofly have announced the fourth generation of their Arrow X-Alps paraglider harness.

It is a classic, lightweight no-pod design, that uses Karpofly’s inflatable airbag protector, which is inflated on launch by blowing into a tube, and can be deflated with a valve for packing away. This design is very light (just 344g) and takes up very little space once the air has been squeezed out.

The Arrow X-Alps 4 has an inbuilt reserve pocket and a smooth-running speed system. It comes with lightweight Finsterwalder karabiners (77g each) and has plenty of storage pockets, including an easy-access (open) camera pocket on the side, between the harness wall and its elasticated stretchy part that also has a secure zippered pocket.

The new model now has an extended seat plate for greater support, and it’s made from a lightweight polypropylene material. The Arrow X-Alps 4 is available in M and L sizes, in the colour scheme pictured.


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