Stéphane Drouin wins PWC Serbia 2017

Stéphane Drouin (FR) won the second round of the 2017 PWC tour, just one point ahead of Yassen Savov (BG). Atsuko Yamashita of Japan was the women’s winner, and Ozone the top team. 

The event was held in Niš, Serbia, from 17-24 June 2017, and five tasks contributed to the overall score. The distances were: 69.2km (no-one in goal), 90.3km (no-one in goal), 73.4km, 62.4km, 61,5km (stopped, 14 in goal). Philippe Broers speaks to the winners about the conditions in the video above, which were “tricky to begin with”.

The points scored between the leading women were fairly close too – Atsuko finishing just 13 points ahead of Yuki. They were 43rd and 46th overall in a field of 120.

As far as wings go, once again there were eight Ozones and two Gins in the top ten, which is representative of the proportions of Ozones and Gins in the comp. Interestingly, it was not all the brand-spanking-new wings that came out on top: Dmitriy Samigullin of Russia was ninth overall on an Enzo 1, and Cody Mittanck (USA) took eighth position on an Enzo 2.


All of the results can be seen on the PWCA website, here.

PWC Serbia 2017, overall podium

PWC Serbia 2017, overall podium


  1. Stephane Drouin, FR, Ozone Enzo 3
  2. Yassen Savov, BG, Ozone Enzo 3
  3. Arnaud Baumy, FR, Gin Boomerang 11
PWC Serbia 2017, women's podium

PWC Serbia 2017, women’s podium


  1. Atsuko Yamashita, JP, Ozone Zeno
  2. Yuki Sato Colombé, JP, Gin Boomerang 11
  3. Méryl Delferrière, FR, Ozone Zeno


  1. France
  2. Slovenia
  3. Germany


  1. Ozone (Primoz Susa, Yassen Savov, Méryl Delferrière, Clement Latour)
  2. Parapente mag (Andre Malecki, Atsuko Yamashita, Stephane Drouin, Alex Schalber)
  3. Woody Valley (Alessio Voltan, Marco Littame, Michele Boschi, Yael margelisch)

The next round of the 2017 PWC tour will be in Disentis, Switzerland, from 5-12 August.

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